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Chapter 20: Without Ice Cream No Love is Complete

For a moment she hesitated and she said, “No, in fact I enjoy whatever he is doing.”

“Then why have you come here to complain?”

She said, “Talking about him makes me very happy. He writes such beautiful letters.”

And the vice-chancellor said, “This is a strange situation. Now what am I supposed to do?”

I said, “You simply don’t do anything. If you do anything I am going to your house and will inform your wife what you have been doing in your college days.”

He said, “No, don’t do that. That will make my life hell. It is already a hell. Have mercy on me! I’m an old man and those are very faraway echoes of when I was a postgraduate in a university. Yes, once in a while I remember those beautiful faces which have all failed.and I have ended up with a bitch.”

I said to the girl, “From tomorrow - at least in my class - you should sit with the boy.”

She said, “With the boy?”

I said, “Yes, with the boy. Nag him. Start what is going to happen in the end. It is better to be finished beforehand. Pinch him, and I assure you he will enjoy.”

She said, “This is a strange solution, I have never heard.And what will the others say?”

I said, “Don’t be worried about others. If anybody says anything send that person to me and I will put him right.”

This is the situation because nobody is taught a simple art of love. Because the boy cannot touch the girl, he throws a stone. At least the stone he has touched will touch the girl.

It does not appear clearly to people who don’t understand the human mind that he is touching the girl from a distance because closeness is not allowed, he is taking the air out of her bicycle.In fact, he wants her to be on his bicycle, but neither does he understand nor does she understand.

.”Send your boy to me and I will teach him how he should behave.”

She said, “I have come here so that he should be punished. It seems you have punished me and you have punished the vice-chancellor too. And that boy who is harassing me is being rewarded.”

I said, “He has to be rewarded, he is courageous for writing love letters. Where are all those love letters?”

She said, “I have collected them.”

I said, “If you hate that boy why have you collected those love letters? You should have burned them, but you enjoy them. And do you read them again and again?”

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