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Chapter 35: Too Much Doing

It was said that the sun never set on the British empire, and it was true. Somewhere or other the sun was rising, and the British empire was around the world; wherever it was rising, it was rising on the British empire. Now the situation is totally different. The sun will never rise in Britain. It is going down the drain. That is a natural consequence of exploiting, torturing, murdering, killing people for three hundred years.

Britain has forgotten how to be creative. It has lived for three hundred years just looting other people; it became a parasite. Now the consequence: Britain is always in the dumps, depressed, economically going down, is uncreative. And there is no hope of making another empire again. Empires are of the past; in the future, empires cannot exist.

Britain has lost its nerve, but in India, the British political system is still continuing. This is dangerous, because that system has led Britain to its dark period. It has to be abandoned.

Every country should have a system that is suitable to it. Communism is not suitable to India, for the simple reason that there are no riches to be distributed. They can only distribute poverty, that’s all they have.

Yes, a few people are rich. But in a country of eight hundred million people, if ten families are super-rich, what does it matter if you distribute their wealth? You will make ten more poor people, that’s all. Communism is not suitable for India.

India has to have a system chosen from the best of all the systems. It can create a policy of its own. There are a few problems that may be helped if something from the Soviet Union is chosen - for example, population growth. There is no democratic way to stop population growth. The population growth can be stopped only under a dictatorial regime: it has to be forced.

If you try to persuade Indians it will take hundreds of years, and meanwhile they will be producing so many children that by the time you have convinced them about birth control, it will be of no use: they will have filled the whole country with so many people that it will have become impossible.

So India has to be very strict about population growth. It has to support those people who use birth control methods. Birth control materials should be free. And secondly, anybody who is practicing birth control, and is not producing children, his income taxes should be less, and his other taxes should be less.

Right now it is a very stupid situation. On the one hand the government goes on saying to the people that the population has to be stopped, birth control has to be used. And on the other hand, the more children you have, the less income tax you have to pay. This is a contradiction.

It seems compassionate that the man who has more children should pay less taxes because he has to take care of the children. But who is responsible for those children? And you are giving an incentive to people to produce more children! All incentives for population growth should be stopped. A person who remains without children his whole life should be rewarded in every way.

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