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Chapter 8: The Head Is Compulsory, but Not the Cap

My whole life, from my childhood to the university, I was condemned continuously for being disobedient. And I insisted, “I am not disobedient. I am simply trying to figure out, with my own intelligence, what is right, what should be done, and I take the whole responsibility for it. If something goes wrong, it is my fault. I don’t want to condemn somebody else because he has told me to do it.”

It was difficult for my parents, for my teachers, professors:

In my school it was compulsory to wear caps, and I entered the high school without a cap. Immediately the teacher said, “Are you aware or not that the cap is compulsory?”

I said, “A thing like a cap cannot be compulsory. How can it be compulsory to put something on your head or not? The head is compulsory, but not the cap. And I have come with the head; perhaps you have come only with the cap.”

He said, “You look a strange type. It is just written in the school code that without a cap, no student can enter the school.”

I said, “Then that code has to be changed. It is written by human beings, not by God; and human beings commit mistakes.”

The teacher could not believe it. He said, “What is the matter with you? Why can’t you just wear a cap?”

I said, “The trouble is not with the cap; I want to find out why it is compulsory, its reason, its results. If you are unable.you can take me to the principal and we can discuss it.” And he had to take me to the principal.

In India, Bengalis are the most intelligent people; they don’t use caps. And Punjabis are the most unintelligent, simple people, and they use turbans. So I said to the principal, “Looking at the situation - Bengalis don’t use any caps and they are the most intelligent people in the country, and Punjabis use not only a cap but a very tight turban, and they are the most unintelligent people. “It has something to do with your intelligence. I would rather not take the risk.”

The principal listened to me and he said, “The boy is stubborn, but what he is saying makes sense. I had never thought about it - this is true. And we can make this code non-compulsory. Anybody who wants to wear a cap can wear it; anybody who does not want to use one, there is no need - because it has nothing to do with learning, teaching.”

The teacher could not believe it. On the way back he told me, “What did you do?”

I said, “I have done nothing, I simply explained the situation. I am not angry, I am perfectly willing to use a cap. If you feel it helps intelligence, why only one? I can use two caps, three caps, caps upon caps, if it helps intelligence.! I am not angry. But you have to prove it.”

The teacher said to me - I still remember his words - “You will be in trouble your whole life. You will not fit in anywhere.”

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