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Chapter 15: Beyond Joy and Sorrow

Pahalgam in Kashmiri, means “the village of the shepherd.” It is strange that Moses and Jesus should die in India, where there are no Jews. Both were Jews. Remember, Jesus had never heard the word christian. He had never known that he would be known as “Jesus Christ,” because in Hebrew there is no such word as christ. He used to call himself the messiah.

Christ is the Greek translation of the word messiah. And, of course, the followers became known as Christians. Otherwise, Jesus was born a Jew, lived a Jew, died a Jew. Two great Jews - strange mysteries of existence - had to come to a land where there were no other Jews. And it was good; otherwise they would have been crucified.

Jews cannot forgive Moses because he deceived them - although he was the man who made them free of a long, long slavery. But he landed in a rotten place and then escaped. Seeing the situation, that after forty years this is the outcome. And he was so tired, naturally.

And they have not been able to forgive Jesus either, because it is in his name that the greatest and the richest business has been founded - Christianity. How can Jews forgive? Their own son has founded the greatest establishment, and it is in the hands of others.

Since those days, the Jews have been in trouble. Israel is surrounded now by Mohammedans. Fourteen centuries earlier it was surrounded by robbers whose whole business was to kill and rob - because the earth yields nothing to eat. Caravans passing through the desert were robbed, killed; that was the only business of the desert people. First they tortured the Jews as much as possible, and then came the Mohammedans. Mohammed transformed those same nomads into the religion of Islam.

After Mohammed, Israel has been surrounded: it is a small island in a vast ocean of Mohammedans. They have been torturing - they tortured them so much, and finally took over their land. They even changed the name of Israel. Before 1947, its name was Palestine, it was a Mohammedan country.

And now the ugliest politicians of America and Britain, after the Second World War, have managed - because they were occupying Palestine - to give the Jews back their land. And the Jews thought this was Christian generosity. It was not. The truth is, although nobody says it, the truth is that the American politicians again put them into the same situation, where they will be continuously tortured by Mohammedans. Israel cannot exist.

And now it has become a problem of prestige. They have poured all their money into Israel, they have come from all over the world to live in their own land. And the Mohammedans are forcing them to go back: “It is not your country.”

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