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Chapter 5: Meditation and the Paths to Inner Awakening

And for the coming world - and also for today’s world - only such flexible methods can be used, because there are now so many types of people. In the old world that was not the case: in a particular region a particular type existed. If there were Hindus, there were only Hindus. There were no Moslems. In fact, they never heard about one another. They never knew about each other’s practices, so they were never confused. They were of a single type. If they were Tibetan Buddhists, they were Tibetan Buddhists - they never heard about anything else. Everyone’s conditioning was the same. Everyone was brought up in the same milieu. So one method was needed that worked.

Now it is difficult - minds are confused. In fact, there is no single type. Everyone is a multi-type. There are so many influences - contradictory influences. All religions say: “Do not study others. Do not go to other teachers.” That is not simply dogmatism. It looks like it is dogmatic, but it was basically just to protect their type. This led to unnecessary confusion. Otherwise, no method would be used fully - neither that nor this. It was done so that one should not be confused - but now that is impossible.

Now, everyone is confused, and there is no help. Now there can be no single type. And a type cannot be protected. So we need new methods which belong to no type, and can be used by every type. So this method is flexible. I am not particularly concerned with kundalini, not particularly concerned with anything - but deeply concerned with all.

Use this method. And the method will find the route - the route which can be worked out in you. I leave this to the method. The method finds it, and it finds it more exactly than you can find it. But this finding is unconscious. It just puts you into a situation - as if there is fire in the house. You are in a situation: if you can run, run. If you can jump, jump. The situation is there, and the situation will push you toward whatever is possible for you.

And the unconscious mind always chooses the route of least resistance. That is necessarily the mathematics, the inner economy of mind. You never unconsciously choose any long route. You always choose the shortest. Only with the conscious mind do you begin to choose routes which lead nowhere, or are so much longer that you are dead before you reach. But the unconscious always chooses the shortest route. So this method will create the situation - and your unconscious will take the route which is potentially its type.