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Chapter 6: The Purity of Yoga

The other said, “I am not worried about kings. I myself am going to be the emperor of the whole earth.”

And the third said, “Do whatsoever you like, you fellows. I am going upstairs to make love to the cat.”

The whole personality has changed - a mouse thinking of making love to a cat? It can happen, it happens every day.. Whatsoever you eat changes you, whatsoever you drink changes you because body is a great part; ninety percent, you are your bodies.

Patanjali is scientific because he takes note of everything - the food, the posture, the way you sleep, the way you get up in the morning, when you get up in the morning, when you go to sleep. He takes note of everything so that your body becomes a situation for something higher.

Then he takes note of your breathing. If you are sad you have a different rhythm of the breathing. Just note it down. You try; you can have a very beautiful experiment. Whenever you are sad just watch your breath - how much time you take in inhalation and then how much time you take in exhalation. Just note it down. Just count numbers inside: one, two, three, four, five.. You count to five and the inhalation is over. Then you count - it comes to ten and the exhalation is over. Just watch it minutely so you can come to know the ratio. Then whenever you feel happy immediately try that sad pattern - five, ten - and the happiness will disappear.

The reverse is also true. Whenever you feel happy note it down how you are breathing, and whenever you feel sad try that pattern. Immediately, sadness will disappear, because mind cannot exist in a vacuum. It exists in a system, and breathing is the deepest system for the mind.

Breath is thought. If you stop breathing, immediately thoughts stop. Try it for a second. Stop the breathing. Immediately there is a break in the thinking process; the process is broken. Thinking is the invisible part of the visible breathing.

That’s what I mean when I say Patanjali is scientific. He is not a poet. If he says, “Don’t eat meat,” he is not saying it because eating meat is violence, no. He is saying it because eating meat is self-destructive. There are poets who say to be non-violent is beautiful; Patanjali says to be non-violent is to be healthy, to be non-violent is to be selfish. You are not having compassion on somebody else, you are having compassion on yourself.

He is concerned with you - and the transformation. And you cannot change things just by thinking about change, you have to create the situation. Otherwise, all over the world love has been taught, but love exists nowhere because the situation doesn’t exist. How can you be loving if you are a meat-eater? If you are eating meat, the violence is there. And with such a deep violence how can you be loving? Your love will be just false. Or, it may be just a form of hate.

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