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Chapter 13: Permanent Change

Secondly, why are you forcing situations? Haven’t you seen a river coming from the mountains’ high peaks where the snow has never melted; passing through valleys, passing through unknown territory? Where is the river going? It is utterly relaxed - no goal to be tense about, nowhere to reach. Each moment it is enjoying the trees it is passing by, the mountains it is descending. And one day every river, without exception, reaches the ocean.

But every man is not so fortunate. Most of them get lost in a desert and evaporate on a funeral pyre. Only a few fortunate ones, the blessed ones, reach the ocean. The secret is so simple and so obvious. That’s why it misses you.

Who are you to force situations? What power have you got to force situations? Situations are coming from existence itself. The wiser course will be to be in accord with them, not in discord. When you are in accord, you can ride on those situations, but the moment you start fighting, you are so tiny and the universe is so vast.. There is no possibility of any victory. Then frustration sets in; then misery, agony, suffering follow.

Be just like a white cloud passing in the sky without any desire to reach anywhere. There is no need; you are already there. What more do you want? If the winds are blowing towards the south, the white cloud goes towards the south. Each moment of floating high above, on the air, in the sky, is such an ecstasy - who cares whether the direction is south or north or east or west? And if suddenly the winds change and they start moving again towards the north, the cloud does not complain; it does not say that this is illogical. “We were going towards the south and suddenly for no reason at all you started moving towards the north again.” Without any resistance the cloud simply starts moving with the winds, wherever they are going. There is no conflict between the cloud and the wind.

That should be the right standpoint for all seekers of truth: no conflict with nature, no conflict with existence, and all your misery, all your tension, all your anguish and angst will disappear on their own accord. They are your creation. Of course you are not totally responsible; they are the heritage of a long, ugly, unnatural past.

What kind of situations do you try to change? Love arises in your heart, but the society says, “Love is blind: beware of it! It is infatuation; it is a kind of slavery and you will repent for it, so it is better from the very beginning not to allow such things.” The head is full of all this kind of morality, puritanism, and you start fighting with your heart.

Your head and your heart are not together, that is the problem. Your head is full of all kinds of nonsense, and that nonsense does not belong to you. It has been given to you by your parents, by your society, by your teachers, by your professors, by your priests, by your politicians. You have a head full of all kinds of bullshit. And this head tries to dominate the heart, which is still beyond the capacity of anybody to distort, to contaminate.

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