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Chapter 7: Knowledge Is Dangerous

The whole human language is divided into yes and no, into black and white - but life is grey. This po means life is grey; at one extreme it becomes dark black, at the other extreme it becomes white - but exactly in between the two, the grey waves and po exist.

Two calamities have fallen on the Western mind: one is Aristotle, because he gave you a logical attitude towards life which is false. He gave you either yes or no, and he said, “Both cannot be true together.” And they are always true together; they are always true together - one cannot be true without the other, because life is both: day and night, summer and winter, God and Devil. Life is together, undivided. When a man comes to realize this undividedness of life it becomes very, very difficult - what to say and what not to say. Whatsoever he says will be false, because language only allows either yes or no.

The second calamity that has fallen on the Western mind is the crucifixion of Jesus. Because of that crucifixion the whole Western mind became disturbed. First Aristotle divided life in two and then the crucifixion of Jesus divided the heart in two. Aristotle divided the mind, the intellect in two; and the crucifixion of Jesus divided the heart into two. If you are a Christian you go to heaven; if you are not you go to hell. If you are a Christian, only then are you human; if you are not a Christian then nobody bothers about you. You can be killed very easily. There is no need to have a second thought about it.

The crucifixion divided the heart, the emotional part of man. And Christianity has done so much violence - no religion has ever done so much - because of the crucifixion. Jews have been killed for these two thousand years continuously. And Christianity has become a crusade, a war against the non-Christians, the pagans.

Love divided, heart divided, mind divided - the whole West has become schizophrenic, a split personality. And the whole effort of Sufism is how to make you one, so that all your divisions disappear; so that your heart is one, a unitary whole; your mind is one, a unitary whole. And not only that: your mind and heart also become one, a unitary whole. Then you attain to what is real.

But right now, how to help you towards the real? Devices will be needed because just talking about the truth will not help; it has never helped. Rather, it has hindered. If truth is told to you it will become a dogma, and the dogma is a hindrance. It will become a scripture, a tradition, and a tradition is a betrayal.

Truth cannot be said directly to you: something has to be done to you so that you proceed, by and by, towards the truth. The knowledge has to be transferred in a very indirect way; it cannot be direct. It has to be grown within you, by and by, through situations. And, of course, because you are false, only false situations will be helpful. Real situations will not be helpful. You are false, you understand the language of the false, and a false situation is needed continuously around you to force you towards a certain window from where you can see the sky.

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