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Chapter 10: Clinging

Lecture at the Request of Wei Ch’iang

Haven’t you seen the saying of the man of old: “Even if there were something surpassing nirvana, I would say that it too is like a dream, an illusion.” If in the midst of dreamlike illusion, you are able to witness it as it really is, to understand it as it really is, to work on it as it really is, and to act on it as it really is, then you can use the method of ‘according with reality’ to subdue yourself, and, arousing an attitude of great compassion, create all kinds of skillful expedients whereby you can also subdue all sentient beings.

Dealing with Situations

Old Yellow Face (Buddha) has said, “When the mind does not vainly grasp past things, does not long for things in the future, and does not dwell on anything in the present, then you realize fully that the three times are all empty and still.” You shouldn’t think about past events - whether good or bad; if you think, that obstructs the path. You shouldn’t consider future events; to consider them is crazy confusion. Present events are right in front of you: whether they’re pleasant or unpleasant, don’t fix your mind on them. If you do fix your mind on them, it will disturb your heart. Just take everything in its time, responding according to circumstances, and you will naturally accord with this principle.
Unpleasant situations are easy to handle; pleasant situations are hard to handle. For that which goes against one’s will, it boils down to one word: patience. Settle down and reflect a moment and in a little while it’s gone. It’s pleasant situations that truly give you no way to escape: like pairing magnet and iron, unconsciously this and that come together in one place.

Ta Hui is facing something very fundamental as far as the intellect and intelligence of man is concerned. This is of great importance: to have a clear conception that intellect is not intelligence.

Intellect is of the mind: it depends on memory, it functions through borrowed knowledge. All our educational systems in the world are rooted in intellectual development; hence they all depend on memory. The examinations in our schools, colleges, universities, are not of intelligence - they are only testing how good a memory you have. But memory is not an indication of intelligence. Memory is mechanical. A computer can have a better memory than a man of genius, but the computer has no intelligence.

The mind of man is nothing but a bio-computer, evolved over a long, long time. And intelligence is when the memory is silent and the intellect is not functioning, when the whole mind is at rest.

Intelligence is something beyond mind.

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