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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

How can we believe that the soul exists after death and transmigrates to another form of life, or dissolves into the universe?

I have never asked you to believe in anything.

It is my experience that the soul exists after death, that it transmigrates into other forms of life, and finally when there is no more to learn, no question to be answered, no search, no desire - when that ultimate point of absolute contentment, fulfillment, enlightenment arises - then the soul simply dissolves into existence.

To transmigrate you need to have a desire to live, a desire to be fulfilled; that’s a basic necessity.

It is not you who go on being born again and again; it is your desire that goes on and on, never being fulfilled. You are simply following your desire like a shadow.

I have not said that you have to believe it. I would, rather, like you to be skeptical about it, to doubt it, and to inquire into it. I am simply provoking you into an inquiry, not into a faith.

My religion is not a faith.

It is an inquiry into the ultimate truth.

So whatsoever I say, the basic reason behind it is always to inspire you - not to believe in a dogma, but to go on in search.

If I say the soul exists after death, it is only a hypothesis for you.

For me this is an experience.

I don’t believe in it: I know it, and I will tell you how I know it.

When I say that the soul finally dissolves into the universe, it is not a hope for me. I know it; it has happened. I am no longer separate from existence.

As far as I am concerned I do not exist at all as an individual entity. I have not been there for many years. But I am not saying to you to believe it.

Again I am provoking you, challenging you to inquire.

Perhaps I am wrong - I am not an infallible pope, I don’t have any divine authority to impose a belief on you; I hold no power, and I am not in any way programming you. I am simply trying to create a longing in you. It is sleeping, dormant. I am trying to wake it up so that you start inquiring.

The people who say to you to believe and to have faith are the people who themselves do not believe and do not have faith. Because I know what I am saying to you is my experience, I can challenge you to doubt, to be skeptical, to try in every possible way to prove that it is wrong - because I know you cannot prove it wrong. The more you try to inquire, the more you will become convinced of the fact.

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