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Chapter 17: The Point of No Return

Just remember one thing: don’t be skeptical halfheartedly. Be a total skeptic. When I say be a total skeptic, I mean that your skeptical ideas should also be put to the same test as anybody else’s beliefs. Skepticism, when it is total, burns itself out because you have to question and doubt your skepticism too. You cannot leave your skepticism without doubt; otherwise that is the standpoint of the believer.

If you can doubt the skeptic in you, then the mystic is not far away.

What is a mystic? - one who knows no answer, one who has asked every possible question and found that no question is answerable. Finding this, he has dropped questioning. Not that he has found the answer - he has simply found one thing, that there is no answer anywhere.

Life is a mystery, not a question. Not a puzzle to be solved, not a question to be answered, but a mystery to be lived, a mystery to be loved, a mystery to be danced.

A totally skeptical mind is bound to finally become a mystic; hence my doors are open for all. I accept the skeptic because I know how to turn him into a mystic. I invite the theist because I know how to destroy his theism. I invite the atheist because I know how to take away his atheism. My doors prevent nobody, because I am not giving you any belief. I am giving you only a methodology, a meditation to discover for yourself what in reality is the case.

I have found that there is no answer. All questions are futile, and all answers are more futile. Questions have been asked by foolish people, and great philosophies have arisen because of their questions. These philosophies are created by the cunning and the shrewd. But if you want to have a rapport with reality, you have to be neither a fool nor shrewd; you have to be innocent.

So whatever you bring - skepticism, atheism, theism, communism, fascism, any type of nonsense you can bring here - my medicine is the same. It does not matter what kind of nonsense your head is filled with when you come here. I will chop off your head without any distinction. What is in your head does not matter - my concern is chopping!

I am just a woodcutter.

I cannot find the question, but my heart needs an answer. What is it?

It is a very profound inquiry. Anybody who is sincere will have the same inquiry. All questions are foolish, silly at the most. But still, there is some existential need for an answer. The question is not known.

I have told you about one of the most beautiful woman poets, Gertrude Stein. She was dying, and a small circle of friends had gathered around her. Just before her death she opened her eyes and asked, “What is the answer?”

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