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Chapter 10: Truth, Goodness, Beauty: Windows to the Divine

Once you have been under the sky, you know that the other windows are part of the same house. Now you may wander to other windows or you may not. It depends on you. You need not; one window is enough. If a person is like Ramakrishna he may wander to other windows to see whether the same sky is seen through them. It depends on the person. One may look through other windows or one may not.

And really, there is no need. To know the sky is enough. But one may inquire, be curious. Then he will look through other windows. There have been persons who have wandered and persons who have not. But once a person has known the open sky, he will not deny other windows; he will not deny other approaches. He will confirm that their windows open to the same thing. So a person who has known the sky becomes religious, not sectarian. The sectarian mind remains behind the window; the religious mind is beyond it.

One who has seen the sky may wander; he may go to other windows also. There are infinite windows. These are the main types, but they are not the only windows. There are so many combinations possible.

Is there a window for every consciousness, for each man?

Yes. In a way each person comes to the divine from his own window. And each window is basically different from any other. Infinite are the windows, infinite are the sects. Each person has a sect of his own. Two Christians are not the same. One Christian differs from another as much as Christianity differs from Hinduism.

Once you have come to the sky, you know that all differences belong to the house. They never belong to you. They belong to the house in which you lived, through which you saw, through which you felt, but not to you as such.

When you come under the sky, you know that you were also part of the sky - only living within walls. The sky within the house is not different from the sky beyond the house. Once we come out we know that the barriers were not real. Even a wall is not a barrier to the sky; it has not divided the sky at all. It creates an appearance that the sky is divided - that this is my house and that house is yours; that the sky in my house belongs to me and the sky in your house belongs to you - but once you have come to know the sky itself, there is no difference. Then there are no individuals as such. Then waves are lost and only the ocean remains. You will come back inside again, but now you will not be different from the sky.

It seems there are so few Christians who have gone to the sky and who have come back with this concept.

There are some - Saint Francis, Eckhart, Boehme.

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