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Chapter 14: The Ecology of the Inner

There is another side too, which perhaps you do not see. One whose eyes have opened sees the other side also. And a seer, a mystic, means one whose eyes are open. He sees that the sky also becomes sad when the earth is ungiving. He sees the emptiness of the sky if the earth does not give and shrinks back. He sees that the sky goes through the same hardship and pain when the earth does not give, the same agony that the earth goes through when the sky does not give. So the earth also gives back.

The Ganges is flowing toward the ocean - all the Gangeses are moving toward the ocean - and what will the ocean do? It will absorb the Ganges and give it back to the sky. Dark clouds will form again, will gather in the sky, the earth will again give a call, rains will again shower and the Ganges will flow toward the ocean again. It is a circle, a circle of giving and taking. Nowhere is there even a moment’s disruption in this circle. The name of this circle is bliss, and unhappiness is what happens wherever this circle is broken.

But why is Kabir saying this? He is not interested in making statements about geographical phenomena, he is not declaring a truth about the earth and the sky, he is saying something about you. Within you too there is earth and there is sky. Your body is your earth, your soul is your sky - what we have called antarakash, the inner sky - and between the two a great transaction of giving and taking is going on. But often it so happens that your soul gives much to your body, your inner sky gives much to the earth within you, but your body is unable to give back. What your inner earth has to return gets lost somewhere in the desert of the world. That river does not reach the ocean; instead, it dries up somewhere in the desert. The give and take transaction within you has been disrupted somewhere. The circle of what scientists call ecology has broken down, and hence you are miserable.

If your body and soul become balanced in the give and take, then that rhythm that we call samadhi, enlightenment, will reverberate in you too. The day that giving and taking are equalized in you like the two sides of scales steady, with the pointer motionless, in the middle - neither this pan is weightier nor that - from that very moment the taste of the divine begins to descend on you.

But you are leaning on one side; you are leaning too much toward the body and away from the sky. Hence you take a lot from the sky but are unable to return anything. And this is your sansara: the world that you go on taking from the sky but do not return. So accumulation of material things increases but the soul is lost. You sell your soul for things and think perhaps they will make you blissful, so you may grow in importance, so your empire may expand, so you may have very great wealth - but you are not even aware what a price you have paid for it. You have sold your self and accumulated rubbish. Your inner sky goes on becoming more and more empty. The clouds of this inner sky go on showering, but your nature returns nothing. The nectar flows only one way, nothing is returned, and eventually the circle is broken.

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