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Chapter 6: You Can’t Corner a Madman

The first question:

You are so tremendously superb and disarming that sometimes I wonder have you ever been in a corner?

To be in a corner, one needs to be logical in the first place. I am not logical; you cannot force me into a corner. I am so illogical that it is impossible to force me into a corner. Remember this, if you cling to the intellect you can be forced into a corner anytime because you have something to cling to. Once it is proved that that is wrong, illogical, you will be in a corner. If you cannot prove your prejudice logically, you will be in a corner. But I am absolutely illogical - I have no prejudice to prove, I have nothing to prove. How can you put me in a corner?

Let me tell you one anecdote:

A man was claiming to be God. He was taken to the Caliph, who said, “Last year someone was claiming to be a prophet - he was executed. Do you know about it?”

“Serves him right,” the man answered. “I had not sent him.”

Now you cannot put such a man in a corner. It is impossible because the illogical approach is an open approach. In fact there are no corners because there is no room - no walls around it. It is an open sky; one can move anywhere. You can be forced into a corner if you live in a room, walled, and there are corners. If you live under the sky, how can you be pushed into a corner? There are no corners at all.

And that’s what I teach you: why cling to prejudices? If you are a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Christian you can be put in a corner. But if you are neither, corners have disappeared: there is no possibility to force you anywhere. Then the whole sky is yours, and the moment you understand the beauty and the freedom of the whole sky, you will drop all prejudices, all ideologies.

I have no ideology, nothing to prove. I am here just to give you a glimpse of me.

And I am very illogically here; in fact, I should have left before. Anurag has asked, “Why did you suddenly stop and put your hand to your head yesterday morning? Why?” It happens sometimes: I lose contact with my body. I should have gone, really. I am illogically here - trying somehow to put some weight on me so I can help you a little longer. You may not have been aware, but it has happened many times before. Mind is a mechanism: I am using it; sometimes I lose contact. Body is a mechanism: I am using it; sometimes I lose contact. Sometimes I start moving into the abyss so fast that I have to stop for a single moment.

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