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Chapter 3: This Honey Is Yours

So there are two things in existence: something is like the sky and something is like the cloud. Your actions are like the cloud, they come and go. You? - you are like the sky: you never come and you never go. Your birth, your death, are like the clouds, they happen. You? - you never happen; you are always there. Things happen in you, you never happen.

Things happen just like clouds happen in the sky. You are a silent watcher of the whole play of clouds. Sometimes they are white and beautiful and sometimes they are dark and dismal and very ugly. Sometimes they are full of rain and sometimes they are just empty. Sometimes they do great benefit to the earth, sometimes great harm. Sometimes they bring floods and destruction, and sometimes they bring life, more greenery, more crops. But the sky remains all the time the same: good or bad, divine or devilish, the clouds don’t corrupt it.

Actions are clouds, doings are clouds.

Being is like the sky.

Saraha is saying: Look at my sky! Don’t look at my actions. It needs a shift of awareness, nothing else, just a shift of awareness. It needs a change of gestalt. You are looking at the cloud, you are focused on the cloud, you have forgotten the sky. Then suddenly you remember the sky. You unfocus on the cloud, you focus on the sky; then the cloud is irrelevant, then you are in a totally different dimension.

Just the shift of focusing.and the world is different. When you watch a person’s behavior, you are focusing on the cloud. When you watch the innermost purity of his being, you are watching his sky. If you watch the innermost purity, then you will never see anybody evil, then the whole existence is holy. If you see the actions, then you cannot see anybody holy. Even the holiest person is prone to commit many faults as far as actions are concerned. If you watch the actions you can find wrong actions in Jesus, in Buddha, in Mahavira, in Krishna, in Rama. Then even the greatest saint will look like a sinner.

There are many books written about Jesus, he is the object of thousands of studies. Many are written in favor of him which prove that he is the only begotten son of God. Of course they can prove it. Then many are written to prove that he is just a neurotic and nothing else - and they can also prove it. And they are talking about the same person. What is happening? How do they manage? They manage well. One party goes on choosing the white clouds, another party goes on choosing the black clouds - and both are there, because no action can be just white or just black. To be, it has to be both.

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