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Chapter 2: Right Here, Right Now

The first question:

While listening to your discourse yesterday, it felt as if I was not on this earth, rather I was a small particle of light in the open and infinite sky. After discourse also, an experience of lightness and emptiness continued and I wanted to keep wandering in this sky. I do not know what knowledge, karma, and devotion are, but in aloneness I wish to remain immersed in this state. Still, the feeling sometimes arises that this may be madness, that this may be a trick of my ego. Kindly shed light on my path.

We are on this earth, but in fact we cannot be on this earth, and we are not. We feel it: we are strangers to this earth. We have made a home in our body, but our body is not our home.

It is as if someone settles abroad and forgets his homeland. Suddenly in the market one day he meets someone who reminds him of home, who speaks his own language. For a moment the foreign country will vanish and his homeland will be present.

This is the significance of scriptures.

This is the real purpose of the words of the masters.

After listening to them, for a moment we are no longer here. We go where we belong. We flow in their music. The situations which had completely involved us vanish, and that which was very far away comes near.

Ashtavakra’s words are absolutely unique. Hearing them, it will happen again and again; again and again you will feel you are not on this earth but have become part of the sky - because these words are of the sky. These words come from the homeland, come from that source from which we all come, the source to which we must return. Without going back to it we will never find peace.

Where we are is like an inn, not a home. No matter how much we may insist it is a home, still an inn remains an inn. Try to explain it away, to forget it; it makes no difference. The thorn goes on pricking us, the memory keeps on coming. And sometime, if we happen to encounter such a truth that pulls us, and like a magnet would show us another world, then we feel we are not part of this earth.

It is good: “While listening to Your discourse yesterday, it felt as if I was not on this earth.” There is no one who is of this earth. We appear to be of it, we feel as if we are; in reality we exist in the sky. Our nature is of the sky.

Being means the inner sky.

Body means the earth, the body is made of earth. You are made of sky.

These two have met within you.

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