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Chapter 16: A Gesture to the Light Within

I heard you say that Jesus’ finger pointing to the moon is not a very good one. Is there a better one?

I have never said that. I could not have said it because Jesus’ finger is not pointing to the moon at all.

This is something to be deeply understood: What does it mean when it is said, “Fingers pointing to the moon”?

The moon is only symbolic. It is not somewhere faraway there in the sky. We are not referring to that moon, because any idiot’s finger can point to that moon. It does not need any intelligence to show the objective moon in the sky by your finger. You may be an idiot, your finger may be crooked, it does not matter, because basically the moon outside is not meant at all.

“Fingers pointing to the moon” refers not to the moon, but to you, to the light within you. And why has the symbol of a finger been used? - because words are very inadequate, language insufficient.

No song can sing it.

No music can indicate it.

But something has to be found; otherwise there will be no possibility of communication, of communion, there will be no bridge between the one who knows and the one who does not know.

Some bridge has to be found.

By “fingers,” that invisible bridge is meant.

It does not mean the physical fingers, it means a way of touching your heart with the heart itself. The fingers simply symbolize touching. You can touch with fingers, you can indicate with fingers. The heart can do it directly.

All that is needed is that the one who knows and the one who does not know are in a state of deep silence, openness, vulnerability. Not searching for anything, not looking for anything; just waiting for the unknown, for the unexpected, for the unimagined, for the unexpressed. You cannot visualize it, you cannot fantasize about it. You have no way. You can just be silently waiting. You cannot even say for what you are waiting.

A really religious person is simply waiting.

His waiting is very absurd:

He cannot even say for what, for whom.

But his heart is throbbing with great expectation.

He is silent because any moment the knock may be heard on the door. He is utterly aware, because one never knows when the master comes. It is just like a breeze. If you are unaware, it may come and go; you had it, yet you missed it.

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