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Chapter 11: Truth or Trick?

So for the new generation, the coming world, meditation is a must because only that can protect you from political dictatorship - nothing else. They will not put you in jail or send you to Siberia - no, those things are just out of date now. They will simply put an electrical instrument around your head and they will give particular electric shocks to the brain, and you will become just like a child. They will wash out the memories, just as you can erase on a taperecorder. What is done there is just an electrical stimulation and whatsoever is recorded is erased; then you can record again. The same is possible with the brain because the brain is a mechanism.

And when I say to die to the past, I mean do not get so attached to the brain that you do not know that you can exist without the brain. Knowing this, realizing this, that “Without the brain I can exist; I am consciousness and not the memories; memories are just my instruments,” you will become free from your own mind. And once you are free from your mind, no one can make a slave of you. Otherwise, everyone is trying to manipulate you to make you a slave.

Religions, so-called religions have done that. They go on manipulating your mind. When you were just a child they were trying to teach you that you were a Hindu or a Christian or a Catholic or a Protestant. They went on teaching you from the very childhood when you didn’t know anything; when you were not alert; when you were not aware; when you couldn’t recognize what is true and what is false. When you could not think, they started to teach you, to condition you. They made a Christian out of you or a Hindu or a Jaina or a Mohammedan. These are slaveries.

Now there is no need to get hold of children; even an old man can be made a child again by just washing his mind. Then he will have to learn from ABC. And when you learn from ABC you cannot argue, when you have to learn from ABC you cannot disbelieve. That is why every religion wants to get hold of children and every religion tries to force some type of religious education because only in childhood.

Really, if you cannot get hold of a child before seven years of age, you will never get hold of him. Only before seven years of age can you make a slave of him. Then he will never know that he is a slave because slavery goes deeper than his awareness. You cannot think that being a Christian you are a slave or being a Hindu you are a slave - or can you?

Society has played a trick upon you. When you were not fully alert they conditioned your mind. Now when you think, the conditioning has gone deeper than thinking. Whatsoever you think, that conditioning colors it. Even if you become anti-Christian and you were taught to be a Christian, your anti-Christianity will carry your Christianity with it. Even your anti-Christianity will be colored by the conditioning that was given to you. You will be obsessed with the same thing in the reverse order.

Friedrich Nietzsche was against Christianity, particularly against Christ. But he was brought up as a Christian. His whole life he struggled; his whole life he went on writing against Christ. But he was so much obsessed with Christ that when he went mad, in the last stage of his life before he became mad, he started signing his name “Anti-Christ, Friedrich Nietzsche.” That conditioning had gone so deep. You can become anti-, but you cannot be indifferent.

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