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Chapter 9: You Need a Little Laughter

If a man surrenders totally to a woman he is dead; a husband and no more a lover - he is a slave. Then the woman is not satisfied, because who is satisfied with a slave? She wants someone to whom she can surrender, not someone to surrender to her - he will be useless. So this is the dichotomy, the dilemma: that a woman wants the husband to be hers completely, but when he becomes hers, she is not interested.

It is good that he is not surrendering, that he wants to remain independent and wants his own space - just a little space; he is not asking much.

And if you want to be with him, there is no need to cling. He will be with you. Clinging pushes people further away. You give it another try. And I will be with you this time. So whenever there is trouble you come to me, don’t try to settle it yourselves.

Give it a try again, get married! Face each other a little.