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Chapter 6: Don’t Look at Happiness Too Long

Then they came into the market. Everybody was interested - the whole market became interested in this slave because never before had such a beautiful slave come.

There was the auctioneer. And when Diogenes stood there and the auctioneer started saying: “This man is beautiful and very healthy and very strong,” Diogenes said, “Stop! Let me come there. You don’t know how to introduce a person!”

Afraid, the auctioneer came down - because this man was so strong and so powerful. Diogenes stood there - and it has never happened before in any slave market - and he said, “All the slaves, come here! A master has come here to be sold.”

This is how one should flow with people, with life, with trees, with rivers.

Don’t fight. Fighting is the only sin. Don’t resist. If people are crying - you cry. If people are laughing - you laugh. And if you can do this, suddenly you feel that you are just a witness, not a doer. And that is the secret of it all.

Enough for today.