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Chapter 6: Real Freedom

No, no such thing can be done with man. Spirituality is not a commodity. And because of this, because spirituality means freedom, so few people become spiritual - because you never use your freedom. Rather, on the contrary, you go on fettering yourself into slaveries, because slavery is convenient, very convenient. Slavery is convenient, comfortable. Freedom is inconvenient, uncomfortable.

When everyone is a slave, you can exist with everyone if you are a slave. If you begin to act as a free agent, you become maladjusted. The whole world has progressed only through maladjusted individuals. The adjusted ones are always orthodox, traditional. They always do what all the others are doing. They are adjusted.

Freedom means you begin to move in a direction no one is moving in. Fear grips you. You begin to feel uneasy. You cannot be certain because no one is moving there. Because freedom is such a responsibility, and such a dangerous responsibility, you go on deceiving yourself. At the most you choose one slavery over another, you go on substituting slaveries.

One Hindu becomes a Christian, one Christian becomes a Hindu: they change slaveries. One man belongs to this party, and then he leaves it and thinks, “I am free,” and begins to belong to another party. We simply change bondages. A new bondage is not a freedom. Freedom means with no bondage, moving with no bondage. That means moving moment to moment without any certainty, moving into insecurity. We are always interested in securities.

Only two or three days ago, one old lady was here. Her husband is doing meditation, deeply. Now she has become worried because he has become more silent. She came to ask me, “My husband has become more silent, and I fear that if this goes on he may become a sannyasin. He may leave us, he may renounce us, so stop my husband from doing meditation!”

I asked her whether he has become a worse man than he was before. She said, “No, he has become good. He is not angry now as he was before. He is more loving, more compassionate. But the whole family has become disturbed, a fear that he may leave us.”

This fear is not only the fear of the wife. I asked her husband also. He said, “I myself have become uneasy, because the silence is going in and as the silence is going in everything has begun to look different. My family doesn’t look at all as if it is mine - as if it is someone else’s family. I feel more compassion for the children, but now they are not mine. I am doing everything for them, and I will go on doing it, but it is as if I am doing it in a play, in a drama. I am not involved. So I myself have become afraid. If this goes on, then anything can happen. Any day I may leave them.”

This fear of the unknown! A fixed pattern was there, now a new factor has entered in. And that new factor is so alive it will change everything. So he asked me, “If you tell me to, I will stop meditation. And in my family, everyone will be happy if I stop it.”

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