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Chapter 12: Non-duality

The man of enlightenment sees the whole existence as maya. It comes into existence, it disappears. It is not an eternal reality, that which never begins and never ends.

The whole search of truth is for that which remains always and always the same. It neither comes into existence nor does it go out of existence. And thousands of seekers have come to the same conclusion: that there is only one thing, only one thing in the whole existence that remains always the same, and that is your awareness.

Except awareness, everything is maya.

Only awareness, the watcher within you, belongs to eternal reality - is the only reality. It is never born.never dies. It has always been, and it will be always.

The experience of enlightenment makes it so clear. But to bring it into language that can be understood by people who don’t have the experience yet has been always a great problem, and many misunderstandings arise.

For example, if you call the world illusory, then people think, “Then what is the difference between good and bad? Whether you are a saint or a thief, it is all the same - it is just a dream. Whether you kill somebody or you save somebody from drowning in a river, it is all the same - both are illusory, so there is nothing that can be called moral, and nothing that can be called immoral.” It is very disturbing to the society, and it is very disturbing to the people who have to manage the society and its affairs.

Actually, there is no way to reduce the experience of enlightenment into the languages of people who are asleep. You have to use their words, and their words have their own connotations. The moment you say something, you immediately feel that you have brought the truth in words which are going to be misunderstood.

This country has remained in slavery for two thousand years, and one of the most basic reasons was the idea that everything is illusory. Whether the country is free or a slave, it does not make much difference. India has been ruled by such small, barbarous tribes, and it is such a vast continent; it is simply unbelievable that such a big country could be controlled by a small tribe. But the reason was that India never gave any resistance. It never fought. It simply accepted slavery as part of a dream. Freedom is a dream and slavery is a dream.

People coming from advanced countries cannot believe it - so much poverty, and yet the poor people are utterly contented. The rich people in the advanced countries are in so much anguish, agony, angst.such a great discontentment. And the people in the East, particularly in India, don’t have anything - and yet they seem to be fully contented.

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