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Chapter 20: The Power of the Mystic

It is always the right time. You just have to remember: who is going to prepare food for you? You can play music, you can be creative; but don’t ask for food, don’t ask for houses, don’t ask for clothes - because others also want to be creative. Everybody has his own guitar. Do you want that you play the guitar, and the others make the roads and the houses for you? And they should prepare food for you?

Do the necessary work that keeps you alive, and in the remaining time you are free. Who is preventing you? Play music in the night when you are free. But then you have your girlfriend, your boyfriend.. Sacrifice something. Either sacrifice food, clothes, houses, or sacrifice girlfriends and boyfriends. Every creativity needs sacrifice, because who is going to do all the other necessary things for you?

I have been getting reports every day that people are not turning up in time in a few places. For example in the dairy, people are not coming on time; then the milk cannot be delivered to the commune in time. The cows are waiting for you, but you are missing.

You have got freedom, but you don’t understand that freedom brings more responsibility than slavery. Slavery has no responsibility. It seems most of the people in the world are happier with slavery than with freedom, because in slavery they have to do something. Somebody is goading them continuously to do it!

In freedom, nobody is there to force them. But if people who prepare food are not reaching there in time, then you will not get your lunch in time, or you may not get your lunch at all.

I will see. One week more, and I warn you: if you cannot take responsibility and work as a responsible member of a commune, then you are asking for a strict discipline, order - good names for slavery.

Seven days more.otherwise, I will advise all the presidents of the corporations, all coordinators, to enforce the hours - because in four years it has never happened; you were always on time in every place. People are leaving early, coming late, coming whenever they want, not coming whenever they do not want. You are behaving in a very unintelligent way. You are asking for a fascist rule! It seems you have become addicted to the relationship of master and slave.

I am reminded that in the French revolution there was one central jail, which was only for people with lifelong imprisonment. Their chains had no keys, because the locks were never to be opened. When they died, then their hands would be broken and the chains taken off.

The revolutionaries thought that all those people, almost two thousand, who had been living in the jail for their whole life - somebody had lived there for fifty years, somebody for forty years, somebody for thirty years - should be released. But do you know what those prisoners said? “We don’t want to be released.”

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