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Chapter 27: Close Your Eyes and Find Me

What has she done? - forced you to work twelve, fourteen hours a day, made you slaves. I told her, “I see people don’t have good clothes; in winter they don’t have enough clothes. So go and purchase clothes.” Because I had said to, she purchased clothes, but they were never given to you; they were locked in a warehouse. Now they have been found.

So what you see is not always the whole truth; there is much more behind it.

She destroyed hundreds of centers around the world which I had created. People were running them with love, joy, and new sannyasins were coming through those centers. She destroyed those centers and concentrated sannyasins into six communes in Germany.

Everybody who has an ambition for power wants centralization. Those centers were independent, they were not under anybody’s rule. They were spreading my love, my message to people on their own; there was no need to destroy them. But they were not under her.

In England Punem had a beautiful commune - four hundred sannyasins were in the commune - and a beautiful place, lush green, with all the facilities. Sheela called Punem here and took power over the commune, then sent all the sannyasins to European communes. And she was going to sell the commune property. She was destroying all the centers of England - she had almost succeeded. So you know only one side of the story, you don’t know the other side.

And I understand your mind.. The question is from an Italian sannyasin, Sarjano. Italy has lived under the authoritative rule of the popes, which ended finally in the fascism of Benito Mussolini. Somewhere deep in his mind there is no place for democracy and democratic values.

Yes, she did some good work - as a facade! But behind the facade, she was doing every kind of criminal activity. Two persons she placed in Desiderata declaring that they had positive AIDS tests, for the simple reason that they were not willing to do something that she wanted them to do. This was a punishment - you cannot find a better punishment. Their blood was either mixed with the AIDS virus, or changed, so the test came back from outside as positive. And after she left, their blood was checked again - they have no AIDS.

Do you see the criminality of the mind? Putting two people who don’t have AIDS with eight other people who have AIDS is putting them in great danger. And they cannot say anything, because the report is coming from outside. But the blood that was sent must have been taken from the people who have AIDS.

Sheela’s intimate, her assistant in crime, was Puja, who was trying to create the AIDS virus. I don’t understand what is the need of creating the AIDS virus, of culturing the AIDS virus. Perhaps that would have been their next step: anybody who does not listen to them goes to Desiderata. Without killing him, they have killed him.

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