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Chapter 4: Dancingly, Disappear

I said, “That’s right, that’s an absolutely right observation. I am not against obedience, I am not disobedient, but I want to decide my life in my own way. I don’t want to be interfered with by anybody else, and I don’t want to interfere in anybody else’s life either.”

Man can only be truly human when this becomes an accepted rule. But up to now the accepted rule has been to destroy the person in such a way that his whole life he remains servile, submissive to every kind of authority, to cut his roots so that he doesn’t have enough juice to fight for freedom, to fight for individuality, to fight for anything. Then he has only a small amount of life, which will enable him to survive till death relieves him from this slavery that we have accepted as life. Children are slaves of their parents; wives are slaves, husbands are slaves, old people become slaves of the younger people who have all the power. If you look around, everybody is living in slavery, hiding the wounds behind beautiful words.

So that drawing of yours, of a flower with beautiful petals and a light aura, but with very weak roots.you felt that it describes you: it describes all human beings.

The roots can be strong only if we stop what we have been doing up to now, and do just the opposite of it. Every child should be given a chance to think. We should help him to sharpen his intelligence. We should help him by giving him situations and opportunities where he has to decide on his own. We should make it a point that nobody is forced to be obedient, and everybody is taught the beauty and the grandeur of freedom. Then the roots will be strong.

But even your God has been cutting the roots of his own children because they were not obedient. Their disobedience became the greatest sin, such a great sin that hundreds of generations have passed, but the sin continues; you have not committed it, but you come in the line of hundreds of generations. Somebody in the beginning disobeyed God, and God is so furious that not only Adam and Eve should be punished, but all their future generations, forever.

These are the religions which have made human beings live without any blossomings and without any fragrance; otherwise each individual has the capacity to be a Socrates, to be a Pythagoras, to be a Heraclitus, to be a Gautam Buddha, to be a Chuang Tzu. Each individual has potential, but the potential is not getting enough nourishment. It remains potential.and the man dies, but the potential never becomes actuality.

My whole effort and approach is to give each individual opportunities to develop his potential, whatsoever it is. Nobody should try to divert his life - nobody has the right to do it. And then we can have a world which is truly a garden of human beings. Right now we are living in hell.