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Chapter 15: Session 15

I have always loved the story told of Henry Ford. He had made his most beautiful car, and he was showing it to a prosperous, very prosperous and promising customer. It was his latest model, and he took the customer for a ride. After thirty miles the car suddenly stopped.

The customer said, “What! A new car and it stops after just thirty miles?”

Ford said, “Excuse me sir. I forgot to put petrol in it.”

In those days, even in America, it was called petrol, not gas.

The customer was amazed. He said, “What do you mean? Are you saying that this car was running without petrol for thirty miles?”

Ford said, “Yes, sir. For thirty or forty miles just my name is enough: no petrol is needed.”

Once I am off, just I am enough - nothing else is needed. I could not sleep the whole night. It was not a trouble to me - it was a beautiful night in a way. The moon was so bright.perhaps the beauty and the brightness of the moon did not allow me to sleep. But no, that cannot be the cause. I think the cause was that I was a little too hard on Devageet. Yes, I can be very hard. I am not hard, but I can be very hard. Particularly at certain moments when I see a possibility of some opening in you, then I really hit! Not with a small hammer, but with a sledgehammer. When one has to hit, why choose a small hammer? Be finished in a single hit! Sometimes I am very hard, that’s why sometimes I have to be very soft - just to compensate, to bring balance.

When I left the room, although you were smiling it was a little sad. I could not forget it. It is very easy for me to forget anything; but if I have been hard, then it is not easy. I can forgive anyone in the world except myself. Perhaps that was the reason that I could not sleep. My sleep anyway is just a thin layer. Underneath I am always awake. The thin layer can be very easily disturbed, but only by me, not anybody else.

The moment I left the room and saw you looking a little sad.maybe for many reasons, not only that I had hit you. But whatsoever the reasons for your sadness, I had in some way deepened the darkness in you. And I am here to enlighten you, not to endarken you - if that word is allowed. In fact we should make it a word, endarken, because so many people go on endarkening each other. It is strange that the word does not exist although the reality is there. Enlightenment rarely happens and yet we have a word for that. We still don’t have a word for that which goes beyond enlightenment, but perhaps there is a limit to everything. Something is always going to be beyond, far away, not within words but transcendental.

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