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Chapter 14: Get Out of This Sheepskin

I have got my people. The remaining time of my life I want to devote to my people, who are neither Americans, nor Indians, nor French, nor Italians; they are simply my people. The day you become a sannyasin you drop your nations, you drop your religions, you forget all your programs. You become again an innocent child.

It will be difficult for Americans to come here, just because I am here. But if you can create.and you are already doing it: creating an oasis in the desert, against all the hostility, illegality of the government.

One simply wonders.. The state government of Oregon is against us because of land use laws. None of them have come here and seen that we have transformed the land. It was a desert; we have made it a beautiful oasis full of laughter.

This one hundred and twenty-six square mile area, when I first came there was not a single bird, no greenery. We have made it green and we will be making it more and more green. We have made it full of dance and laughter and song, and we have changed the desert to produce enough for our commune. We are self-sufficient - vegetables, fruits.. In need of water we have made dams; we have enough water. We have made roads.

When I came here there was only one house. Now there are houses for five thousand sannyasins - all centrally air-conditioned. We have hundreds of vehicles, buses, airplanes. I don’t think there is any city in the world with a population of five thousand which has ninety Rolls Royces. And that is only a beginning! We will put a full stop only when there are three hundred and sixty-five Rolls Royces.

Our way of living - our freedom about love, about everything, our great respect for the individual - also prevents Americans from coming here. They believe that saints should be dull, almost dead, living in poverty, renunciation, living against nature in celibacy, never looking at a woman even in their dreams - although their dreams are full of women.

A saint can avoid looking at women in the day, but he has no control over his unconscious in the night. That’s why all the saints of all religions have been afraid of sleep. They go on cutting their sleep: four hours, three hours - the less you sleep, the greater spiritual quality you have.

But the basic reason for cutting sleep was that that sleep was full of Arabian Nights. The whole day they were fighting against the woman or the man, and in the night the reward was millionfold - so many women, so many men, so beautiful.

A dream girl after all is a dream girl. You cannot find a woman on the earth comparable, as beautiful as your girl in the dream. It is your creation. It does not perspire, it does not need to use deodorants, it has no menstrual period. Nobody has ever heard that a girl in a dream was having her period. The girl in your dream never says, “Not today, I am suffering from a headache.” She is always willing, more than willing. The saints have been afraid of sleep.

I am bringing to the world a totally new perspective of spirituality.

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