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Chapter 23: Our Way Is of Humor, Our Way Is of Bliss

And this is just in the morning. The whole night I have been asleep. And I must be sleeping.just as I finish talking with you, I go to sleep within half an hour. And I sleep up to seven, just because there is nothing else to do; sleeping is a great activity. And I cannot believe it, that at seven I have got out of bed and by nine, after my bath, listening to the music I am again asleep.

Up to eleven this goes on with music; then I take my lunch and go to sleep again. And I had to tell Vivek, “Remember, I have to go for the two o’clock ride to see my people. So wake me up, because I may continue to sleep.” I can sleep twenty-four hours - and not one day, every day. When I came from India to here I was completely asleep the whole time. I enjoyed it very much - such a long sleep!

After the ride I come back.and again that music. it seems to have something to do with my past karmas that I have to listen to the same music again and again.and I fall asleep again. It is good that there is nobody, I am alone. I wake up at four-thirty and again my bath time..

Now do you think this kind of a man can create a revolution? But somehow it is happening.

People think walking on water is a miracle - idiots! I just saw last week’s Stern magazine. They have a cartoon about me. The cartoon has the outlines of Krishnamurti Lake and sannyasins are standing on one side, and my Rolls Royce is moving on the lake! One of the sannyasins says, “It must be Osho!” That is not much of a miracle.

What is really happening here is a miracle.

I do nothing but, I don’t know why, you have fallen in love with me.

I don’t deserve it either because I have never done anything; how can I deserve so many people’s love?

But your love is doing the miracle.

You are here for no other reason.

Sometimes you also must be wondering why you are here. I also wonder why; but love is such a thing, that you go on wondering why, and it goes on happening.

I don’t know where your office is, I don’t know how your finances are managed. I don’t know who is doing what. What to say about the commune? - I don’t know even in this house what is going on, where my kitchen is; I have not seen it.

People are afraid because they have never seen love at work. They have tried by force to create culture, civilization, by violence, and they have failed.

Here love is at work. And when love is at work, it attracts intelligence. There is an inner attunement between love and intelligence.

It is not accidental that so many intelligent people from all over the world have become interested in me - who is against everything that they have been brought up to believe in: who is against their culture, who is against their country, who is against their religion, who is against their parents; who is against even their children who are not born yet, who won’t allow them to be born. If it were in my power I would not have allowed your parents to be born. It is too late; but your children I am not going to allow.

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