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Chapter 7: The Mysteries of Initiation

The whole conflict of human society - of human relationship - is between worlds, not between persons. If, really, I am a person without a world created by my dreams - and you are also a person without a world created by your dreams, we can live in a room for eternity without any collision, because this room is enough for two persons. But for two worlds even the whole planet is not enough. There exist so many worlds, as every individual is a world. And he lives inside his world and is closed. This is a sleep. You have around yourself a filmy enclosure of projections, ideas, notions, conceptions, interpretations. You are a projector going on and on, projecting things which are nowhere - only inside you. And the whole world becomes a screen. You can never be aware by yourself that you are in deep sleep.

There is a Sufi saint, Hijra. An angel appears in his dream. The angel says to him that he should save as much water as possible, because tomorrow morning all the water of this world is going to be poisoned by the devil. And everyone who will drink this water will become mad. So the whole night the fakir saves as much water as possible. And the phenomenon really happens: everyone becomes mad the next morning. No one knows that the whole city has become mad. Only the fakir is not mad - but the whole city talks as if the fakir has gone mad. He knows it is everyone else who is mad, but no one believes him. He goes on drinking his water and remains alone, but he cannot continue. The whole city is living in an altogether different world. No one listens to him. And now there is a rumor that he will be caught and sent to prison.

One morning, they come to get a hold of him: either he should be treated as ill, or should go to prison. He cannot be allowed freedom. He has become absolutely mad. Whatsoever he says is not understandable - he speaks in a different language. The fakir is at a loss to help them understand. He tries to help them to remember their past, but they have forgotten everything. They do not know anything of the past, anything about before that maddening morning. They cannot understand. The fakir has become incomprehensible. They are around his house, they have caught hold of him.

And the fakir says, “Give me one moment more. I shall treat myself.” He runs to the common well, drinks the water - and he becomes all right. Now the whole city is happy. The fakir is okay now. Now he is not mad. Really, he has gone mad - but now he is part and parcel of the common world.

If everyone is asleep, you will never be aware even that you are asleep. If everyone is mad - and you are mad - you will never be aware of it.

By initiation is meant, that you have surrendered to someone who is awakened. You say, “I do not understand it. I cannot understand, and I am part of the world which is mad and asleep. I am dreaming all the time. My reasoning is phony because whenever I act, I act from the irrational part of my mind. I always act unconsciously. Then later on I rationalize it. I fall in love with someone - and then I begin to rationalize why I love: ‘What is the reason?’ The phenomenon happens this way: first I begin to like something and then I find reasons why I like it. The liking comes first, then follows rationalization. And the liking is irrational.”

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