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Chapter 11: That Explosion of Bliss

J. Krishnamurti has criticized you and said that you are a self-appointed master. What do you have to say?

It seems that J. Krishnamurti has finally become senile. It is time too, he is ninety years old. What he has said is absurd. Who was appointed before me? Was Gautam Buddha an appointed master? Was Moses an appointed master? Was Jesus appointed by somebody? There are things which blossom on their own. It is not a government bureaucracy, where you are appointed. And if a master is appointed by somebody else, he can be dis-appointed any moment. Nobody can dis-appoint me.

It is not a criticism of me, it is a criticism of himself. He is the only man in the whole history of humanity who was appointed by others as a world teacher. And it is very strange - the people who appointed him as a world teacher were themselves ignorant. They were waiting for the world teacher to make them awake. These sleeping and snoring Theosophists appointed J. Krishnamurti as the world teacher.

It is good that he refused. He refused the organization, he refused the idea of being a world teacher. But his refusal seems only superficial, he has remained a teacher all his life. What has he been doing for almost a century? - teaching. But where is the appointment order?

To know oneself is not something that anybody else can do for you. And more particularly, how can sleeping people help the one who is awake? They are dreaming; in their sleep they can only dream. Do you expect these sleeping people to appoint the awakened one? That would be hilarious.

Yes, nobody has appointed me. On that point he is not absolutely wrong. But there is another point also, which is a little delicate. I say nobody has appointed me, including myself. I am not a “self-appointed master.” Whenever there is a master, he is recognized, not appointed.

When the 73 PM s, you don’t make it flower, but you can recognize the fragrance. Even in your sleep you can feel that the night is over and the sun has arisen. You are just hanging between sleep and waking. You may take time to wake up, but somewhere deep down in you, you know it is time to wake up.

I am not appointed by anybody - to be appointed is an insult. And I am not appointed by myself, because what is the need? - I know it.

The word master in the world of spirituality has a totally different meaning. It is not the same as a schoolmaster. A master in the spiritual sense is one who has mastery over himself, who does not function unconsciously, whose every act - even the smallest gesture - is conscious, alert. He may not have a single disciple - it doesn’t matter.

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