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Chapter 33: I Need Your Intelligence, Not Your Surrender

The real master simply teaches you what is right and what is wrong. To accept it or not is simply left to your intelligence, not to your surrender.

I need your intelligence, not your surrender. I need your consciousness, not your slavery.

So there is no problem at all. However deep the idea has gone, let it remain there; it is a perfectly good protection in a society where everybody is trying to make the other in some way dominated, possessed. It is good to have great stamina - that whatever happens, you are going to remain yourself.

After two weeks of hypnosis sessions with Kaveesha, I can now see my resistance to relaxation. In looking for a cause for this, I saw that to me, to relax means to be lazy and useless.
My family would rather be sick than let go of their so-called power, thinking that being busy and frantic means success. I learned their message too well, and now, once more, I need you to redefine a word.
Would you please explain what relaxation really is?

Relaxation is not something big. It is a simple matter. It is just waking sleep. You need every day a few hours of sleep. Try to understand the phenomenon of sleep.

The child in the mother’s womb sleeps twenty-four hours a day for nine months continuously. After he is born, slowly, slowly the sleep hours are cut - twenty-two hours he will be sleeping, twenty hours he will be sleeping, eighteen hours he will be sleeping, sixteen hours he will be sleeping.

And as he becomes mature, it comes to a fixed normal routine of seven or eight hours. This will continue until he starts feeling old. This will be different with each individual, because somebody will die at seventy, somebody will die at eighty; and some fellows are so stubborn, they will die at ninety, a hundred - and there are people who have gone beyond a hundred.

So as a person starts feeling old, tired, his sleep is cut even more - he is sleeping three to four hours, then slowly to two to three hours.

Why does this happen? - that in the mother’s womb a child is sleeping twenty-four hours a day, and an old man is sleeping only two or three hours in the night?

The reason is that in sleep your body functions perfectly without your interference. For nine months in the mother’s womb, the body works so much - it will not work that much in the whole remaining life - because in those nine months the body has to pass through all the evolutionary steps that humanity has taken since the very beginning.

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