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Chapter 9: The Uncorrupted Presence

You go on seeing: a cloud has come, there is a fog all around but you remain separate. You know well, “I am the knower and not the known.” You know well, “I am the witness and not the witnessed.” You know well that infinite distance exists between you and that which surrounds you. It may be touching you but infinite distance exists because the known can never touch the knower, the seen can never touch the seer - the seer transcends, the seer is the very transcendence.

Just a few days before I was telling you that there are three ordinary types of man. Man number one is identified with his body; man number two is identified with his feelings, emotions; man number three is identified with his mind, thinking, thoughts - and all the three are asleep. Their sleep may be different. One sleeps in the body, another sleeps in the emotions, the third sleeps in his thoughts, but the sleep is the same and the quality is of unconscious stupor.

Then there is the fourth man, man number four - he becomes alert. He watches his body but is not identified with it, he uses his body but is never lost in it. He remains aloof, detached, distant. He uses his feelings. Many times he is surrounded by his feelings but he is never overpowered - he remains separate. Thoughts are there, the mind goes on functioning and creating thoughts, but the man number four remains alert. Body, mind, heart - they all function. They function even better than they function in you, because there is no disturbance from the innermost being, but the innermost being remains aloof. This is man number four.

Man number four is what I mean by a sannyasin: There is no need to go anywhere, wherever you are become aware, and then and there sannyas starts functioning. It is not a question of changing places, it is a question of changing the inner attitude. You remain in the body but you know now that you are not the body. And once the number four is there, man is born.

You are born only with a potentiality to be a man, you are not born as a man. You are only born with the capacity to become a man - you can become, you may not become. You can miss the whole point, you can go on round and round and never reach and penetrate the center of your being. But if awareness arises and you become watchful, man is born. Hindus have called this state dwij, the state of the twice-born.

The first birth is through the parents, mother and father. The second birth is through awareness. And that is the real birth because the first birth will culminate in death, the second birth never culminates in death. So the first birth is a birth only in name; in fact it is a way to death.

The day you were born, you have been dying since then - one day the whole process will be completed. So your birth was nothing but entry into death. You may take seventy years, eighty years to reach but you have been walking towards death every moment of your life. Only when you are twice-born, dwij, when the next birth has happened and man is born within you - man number four - suddenly you know there is no death.

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