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Chapter 6: Taking the Risk

Because a Buddha may behave just like you, the action may be exactly the same, but it cannot be similar, because a Buddha-consciousness is so different from you. The action will be only similar in appearance; deep down there must be a great difference - it has to be so.

Buddha also lives an ordinary life - eats, sleeps, feels thirsty. But the reasons are totally different. When Buddha drinks the water, he is just quenching the thirst of the body. When you drink water, you are quenching your thirst.

When Buddha eats food, he is just helping the body to be alive so that it can be used. It is a means, a vehicle - all care has to be taken of it. When you eat food, it is a question of life and death. Food is life.

When Buddha sleeps and you sleep, both are in the same way sleeping. The posture may be the same, the eyes will be closed, but deep down there is a great difference. Even in deep sleep, Buddha is aware. He never sleeps; only the body sleeps. The inner light goes on burning. Never for a second is there any discontinuity in inner awareness. When you sleep, you are completely asleep. You become unconscious. You completely lose your being into unconsciousness, into darkness.

So never judge anything by the action. Always judge the thing by the innermost core of it.

The third question:

You have mentioned many times the Christian trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Could you tell us please, what happened to the mother?

All the religions of the world were founded by men; not a single religion has been founded by any woman. And of course the male ego, the male chauvinism, has been the root cause of all the doctrines that have been created to explain existence.

It is very difficult for the male ego to think of woman as the creator. Even to give a small portion in the trinity to woman seems to be difficult. Everything has been managed by man. Man has been the manager in this world and, of course, he has created the concept of the other world. There also he goes on managing.

“God is man, the Holy Ghost is man, the Son is man..” Not that it is so. If there is any God, he is bound to be both man and woman. He cannot be just male - that is impossible, that will be incomplete. He must be a complete circle - male-female, yin-yang.

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