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Chapter 6: Balancing Chakras.and Beyond

Is there a sleep chakra too?

Each chakra has a sleep part, except the last - the sahasrar. At the seventh chakra, awareness is total: it is pure awareness. That’s why Krishna says in the Gita: The yogi never sleeps. “The yogi” means one who has come to the last center of his being, to the ultimate flowering; one who has become a lotus. He never sleeps. His body sleeps, his mind sleeps: he never sleeps. Even when a Buddha is sleeping, deep in the innermost core of his being a light goes on burning bright.

The seventh chakra has no sleep part to it, otherwise all the six chakras have both: yin, yang. Sometimes they sleep and sometimes they are awake: day, night - they have both aspects. When you feel hungry, the center for hunger is awake. If you have ever tried fasting, you would be surprised. If you try fasting, then for two, three days in the beginning you will feel hunger, and then sometimes hunger will disappear completely. It will come again, it will disappear again, it will come again.and you are not eating at all, so you cannot say, “The hunger disappears because I have eaten.” You are fasting: sometimes hunger comes with great power, tries to overpower you - and if you remain undisturbed by it, the hunger goes. The chakra has fallen asleep - it will awake again in its turn when the day will come; it will fall back into sleep again.

The same happens with the sex center. You feel so hungry for love, then you have made love - and then suddenly all desire for love disappears. The chakra has fallen asleep. If you try celibacy, without repression, then you will be surprised. If you don’t repress your sexual desire, you simply watch it.. Try it for three months - just be watchful. When the desire comes, sit silently, let it be there, let it knock on your doors, listen to it, be attentive - but don’t be carried away by it. Let it be there: don’t repress it, and don’t indulge in it. Be a witness - and you will be surprised again. Sometimes the desire comes with such intensity that one feels one may go crazy. And then automatically on its own accord it disappears, and sex becomes irrelevant. Again it comes, again it disappears. The chakra goes on moving: sometimes it is day, then sex arises; sometimes it is night, then sex goes to sleep.

And so is true about all the six chakras below the seventh. Sleep does not have a separate chakra; sleep has a counterpart with each chakra, except sahasrar. So one thing more to be understood: as you grow higher and higher in your chakras, you will have a better quality of sleep because a higher chakra has a deeper quality of relaxation. The man who lives with the first - muladhar - will not have a deep sleep. His sleep will be very superficial because he lives with the physical, the material.

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