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Chapter 2: Life Is God

Only Jesus can laugh and when Jesus laughs he is laughter - not that he laughs. When you laugh you laugh. When Jesus laughs he is laughter. When you dance you dance, when Jesus dances he is dance. When you love you love, when I love I am simply love, I don’t exist apart from it, otherwise there will be a division, split. When you laugh you are standing aloof and laughing - laughing is an act, your total being is not involved in it.

And Christians say a very foolish thing, that Jesus never laughed. Why do they say it? - out of their miseries, out of their anguish, out of their meaninglessness, they have depicted Jesus as sad, gloomy, serious, grave. Because of this your churches have become graveyards; the joy of life exists there no more.

Because of this your scriptures have become like something you find in a museum - a snake in alcohol. It will live long. But an alive snake on the grass, in the sun, on the rock, resting in the afternoon, taking a nap, a snake moving up on a tree or swinging with the branches of a tree, a snake alive.. A snake in the museum, in the hospital, in the science lab, in alcohol - the alcohol snake, or call it the alcoholic snake - will live long, because it is dead. The real snake, the alive snake, will not live long, because it is alive - death will be coming. But for the alcoholic snake there is no death.

Jesus died. He was a flower - bloomed in the morning, by the evening gone. But the Christ invented by the Christians, lives. It is an alcoholic snake, bottled, a museum piece, it can live forever and forever. Your scriptures are dead; they are like pinned butterflies. You can go on collecting butterflies and pinning them - they look like butterflies, they are not. Because what is a butterfly if it cannot have freedom, if it is not alive, if it is not roaming from one flower to another, if it is not a vagabond on the wings? What is it? It is nothing, it is a corpse.

So are your Bibles, so are your Vedas; they are invented things. Jesus, the real Jesus, is just an excuse. You have imposed upon the real Jesus your own Jesus who never laughs. Jesus was a totally different kind of man, I cannot imagine that he will not laugh. He was moving with beautiful people, he was not moving with saints, remember, he was moving with beautiful people: drunkards and gamblers and prostitutes too. He was moving with real, authentic people. He was not moving with pseudo saints, he was moving with sinners.

Saints are pinned butterflies. Sinners are alive - a snake resting on the rock in the afternoon sun. Sinners sometimes can become saints, but then their sainthood has a totally different quality to it. They cannot belong to any church, they cannot belong to any sect. They cannot belong - how can a saint belong? - the saint is like a fragrance, free, moving in the winds, he cannot belong. Jesus never belonged to anybody; that’s why Jews were angry with him, they wanted him to belong.

Real saints will not be recognized as such, no church will sanctify them as saints. And the saints that are sanctified by the church are really bogus, mumbo jumbo, false, artificial, synthetic, plastic saints. Yes, they don’t laugh, that’s true, but Jesus is not that kind of saint: he laughs, he drinks, he eats well, he loves. He was a true man of the earth, very earthly, rooted in the earth.

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