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Chapter 1: The Enlightened Woman

That “one” we don’t even call one, because just by saying “one” the idea of two arises. We have called it advait, non-duality - we have only said that it is not “two.” Then there is no woman, no man. The Hindus have been very courageous. They have put brahman, the ultimate reality, in the neuter gender - neither male nor female - because there, both disappear.

Jesus has made a very strange statement; the Christians have had great difficulty with it. He says to his disciples again and again, “Would you like to become a eunuch for God?” The Christians have difficulty with it - “What a thing to say!” But Jesus is right. This is what will happen in the final moment: you will not be both, you will go beyond both. You will be free of both.

Last night I was reading a Jewish scripture, Miderase. There is a statement in it which reads: “The Torah has two paths.” Religion has two paths: one is of sunlight and the other is of snow. If you follow the first you will die from the sun, of the heat. If you follow the second you will die from the snow, of the cold. What to do? The Miderase says: Walk between the two. Between is neither man nor woman. If you go the man’s way you will die of heat, if you go the woman’s way you will die of cold. Then what to do? - walk between the two.

But that happening - when one becomes free of both - takes place at the very end when the ray of sunlight again becomes the ray of sunlight. The rainbow has come and gone, the world manifested and vanished; you have come to the root again, you have reached the source.

Understand a few things about the feminine mind and then Sahajo’s words will be easy to understand.

The first thing: the expression of the feminine mind is not one of meditation but of love. The woman attains to meditation through love. She has known meditation only through love. She is saturated with love. For her, the name for meditation is love, prayer.

Man can live alone. In fact, man wants to live alone. The ego does not want to be related because in relating you have to bend a little, you have to leave your stubbornness a little. You have to come to the other’s plane. This is the meaning of friendship - that we consider the other to be our equal.

But the meaning of love is that we consider the other to be higher than ourselves. So the fighting mind of the man is not ready for friendship. For him, love is very difficult - and prayer is impossible. Prayer means, you put your head at the feet of the other. Even if a man bows his head, he doesn’t do it wholeheartedly, he bows under compulsion. He bows when there is no other way, he bows when he becomes helpless. He does not bow down out of strength, he bows down out of weakness. He does not bow when he is victorious but only when he is defeated. He does not feel any blessing from bowing his head; instead he feels very uncomfortable.

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