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Chapter 6: I Am Enough Alone

When you watch a full moon, what happens to you? Or when you listen to the birds and look at the green trees, what happens to you? When you go into a forest and look at the greenery, what happens to you? Something green inside starts happening. Green is the color of nature, green is the color of spontaneity, green is the color of life; something green starts happening in you. The outer color reflects something inside, vibrates with something inside, creates something inside. Looking at a green tree you become more alive.you become younger!

When you go to the Himalayas and you see the mountains, the snow-capped mountains.eternal snow which has never melted, the purest snow where no man has ever walked, uncontaminated by human society and human touch; when you look at a Himalayan peak, that uncorrupted, virgin snow creates something virgin in you. A subtle peace starts happening inside.

The outer is not the outer and the inner is not just the inner, they are joined together. So beware what you see, beware what you listen to, beware what you read, beware where you go - because all that creates you.

That’s what happened in Frankfurt. The Buddha statues, the many statues all around you, created a subtle geometry. You will be surprised: that is the basic reason why statues were created; they are not idols, as you think. The Christian and the Mohammedan and the Judaic idea has given a very wrong notion to the world. They are not idols, they are very scientific. They are not objects to be worshipped, they are geometries to be imbibed. It is a totally different thing.

In China there is one Buddha temple which has ten thousand Buddha statues - all Buddha statues; wherever you look, the same figure. The ceiling has the same figure, all the sides have the same figure, the walls have the same figure. Ten thousand Buddha statues! Just think, sitting cross-legged in a Buddha posture and you are also surrounded by ten thousand Buddhas! It creates a geometry. From everywhere Buddha impinges upon you. From every nook and corner he starts surrounding you. You are gone; your ordinary geometry is no longer there, your ordinary life is no longer there. For a few moments you are moving on higher planes, at higher altitudes.

That’s what is happening here. While listening to me something is created - by my presence, by my words, by your attitude, by so many orange people around you. It is a situation, it is a temple. A temple is a situation; it is not just that you are sitting in a lecture hall. So many people listening to me with such love, gratitude, with such silence, with such sympathy, with such rapport.this place becomes holy. This place becomes a tirtha; it is sacred. When you come into this place you are riding on a wave, you need not make much effort. You can simply allow it to happen. You will be taken away, far away to the other shore.

A marriage broker arranged with a family to bring over a girl he thought would be a fine match for their son. After dinner the girl left and the family began to attack the marriage broker.

“What kind of a girl did you bring? A monster! One eye in the middle of her forehead, the left ear way up here, the right ear way down there and the chin way back!”

The marriage broker interrupted. “Look, either you like Picasso or you don’t!”

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