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Chapter 29: Nietzsche: A Great Freedom or a Great Danger

He will be very willing to go into it. He will be ready to risk all for the new. And then a vast world of experiences becomes available.

We are living on a small planet, fighting with each other, quarreling over small things, while the whole universe waits to be discovered. And it may change everything on the earth. It may be that these explorations of the universe, of other planets, will finally help life to survive, because there is a possibility that by the end of this century the earth will change its axis.

Now that will bring tremendous changes - in the climate, in everything on the earth. If just the Himalayan snow starts melting, then all our great cities, which are ports, will be drowned. Just the Himalayan snow is enough to raise our seas forty feet higher, if it melts. It has never melted, it is eternally there - but the change of the earth’s axis can bring it closer to the sun: it can start melting. Then New York and Bombay and Calcutta and Tokyo and San Francisco - all the big cities which are near the ocean will be simply drowned.

Scientists are worried that the sun may be burning itself out. It has been giving light for millions of years, its fuel may be finishing. We may not know exactly when, but they don’t think it can last forever. A few million years is their estimate. But if the sun does not rise one morning, then everything dies as it is.

It will be necessary that we have other planets available for people to be moved to. If any danger to the earth arises, if there is any danger to the sun, then there is no need to be in this solar system. The whole humanity can be moved to other planets. There is no need for this whole evolution up to man to go down into the water or to die out simply because the sun’s fuel is finished.

The old man has nothing to give to humanity in such emergencies.

The New Man will be capable.