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Chapter 7: Intelligence: Discovery of Your Innermost Nature

And because of this crowd of teachers, even if by chance you find an enlightened being, there is every possibility that you will not recognize him. He will be outrageous. He will be such a shock to you that you will want to escape from him. You will feel as if you are dying. He will destroy every concept, every idea, every philosophy that you have carried all along, thinking that it is so precious. With the enlightened master whatsoever you have been carrying as diamonds will prove to be just ordinary stones and nothing else: “Throw them away!” And your whole investment has been in those so-called diamonds. The greatest possibility is that you will escape from such a man and cling to your stones.

It needs guts to be with a master, guts to renounce your ego, guts to renounce your past, guts to renounce all your investments, guts to live dangerously - against the society, against the culture, against the whole past. A true disciple is a rebel, just as a true master is the ultimate in rebellion.

It is certainly true that compassion and love are natural, spontaneous by-products of enlightenment; if they are not there then the person is not enlightened. But again I have to remind you, because you can misunderstand the word compassion and the word love, because the meaning will be given by you.

What do you mean by compassion? It is a quality that surrounds the master. It has nothing to do with service to the poor, opening hospitals and orphanages, feeding the hungry and sheltering beggars - it has nothing to do with that. Compassion is the transformation of passion. Your sexual energy is transformed, first into love and then into compassion. Sex is like a seed, love is like a flower, and compassion is like a fragrance.

But by compassion you will understand service to the poor. These servants of the poor are one of the reasons poverty is not disappearing from the earth. Unless you stop this whole stupidity of serving the poor and start destroying poverty, it is not going to disappear. In fact, the servants of the poor would like poverty to survive, otherwise what will happen to the servants?

Karpatri, a Hindu teacher very well-known in India, is worshipped by the Hindus. He has written a book and in that book he talks about socialism and the Hindu religion. He gives many reasons why he is against the idea of socialism and one of the most important reasons that he gives is worth considering. He says the Hindu religion teaches that service to the poor, giving donations to the poor is the way to heaven, and socialism tries to destroy poverty completely. It tries to distribute money, and when money is distributed equally then there will be no poor and no rich. Who is going to donate to whom? And who is going to serve the poor? - because there will be no poor left. That means socialism will destroy the very roots of Hinduism. Unless you donate to the poor you cannot reach heaven. Socialism seems to be the most dangerous thing that can happen to people who are searching for heaven and God - the very ladder is being destroyed!

So he says that money has not to be distributed equally because it is far more important to reach heaven, to realize God. He also says that a person is poor because he has committed sins in his past life, and a person is rich because he has been virtuous in his past life. Who are you to disturb this law of karma? The poor have to be poor, the rich have to be rich. They are simply getting whatsoever they deserve; there should be no interference. This comes from a great Hindu saint, and even after this book he is still worshipped as a great saint.

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