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Chapter 2: The Greatest Rebellion Ever Tried

Each society hypnotizes you. These societies exist on the strategy of hypnosis. A Hindu means one who has been hypnotized in a certain way, who has been told that the Vedas are written by God and that only the Vedas contain the truth, that the Bibles and the Korans are all nonsense. If you repeat it for centuries, it starts getting deeper and deeper into your being, it becomes part of you. Then you start repeating it - you become a gramophone record. Then you function only as “His Master’s Voice”; you are no longer really a human being.

All the societies in the past, hitherto, have been dehumanizing human beings. We have not yet been able to create a real civilization. These are all very primitive methods to control people - ugly, violent, antihuman, but all the societies have done it. There has not been even a single exception.

It is really surprising how once in a while a person has escaped from our imprisoning atmosphere - how Gautam Siddhartha escaped and became a buddha, how Jesus escaped from the Jews and became a christ, how Saint Francis managed..

The greatest miracle in the world is to be so intelligent that nobody, no society, no state, no church, can hypnotize you.

My work here consists of dehypnotizing you. Hence, all the societies will be against me. Beware of it! To be with me is dangerous - all the governments will be against you. And this has to be known and accepted. This has to be simply accepted, because this is going to be the case. The more I start working deeply on you.. It is just the beginning of the work: I am preparing the ground from where to take off.

Once the dehypnosis starts functioning within thousands of people, all the societies, all the governments, all the states, all the churches, are going to be against me and my people - because this has never been done before. This is the greatest rebellion ever tried! This is true revolution.

And if you pass through this revolution you will know from where freshness comes. It comes from your own innermost core. God is not outside you; it is your very center, your very ground. Freshness comes from it, life comes from it, love comes from it, bliss comes from it. All that is significant - poetry and music - they all arise from it.

And when the dance comes from within, it has a totally different quality to it: it is spiritual, it is divine.

The second question:

Why does Gautama the Buddha insist that life is always misery?

Because it is so! Life as you know it is misery. Buddha is not talking about his life, because what do you know about his life? That is not utter misery; that is utter bliss, that is ultimate bliss. But the life that you know is misery. Does it need any proofs? Have you not observed yourself that it is misery? Do you need a Buddha to remind you?

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