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Chapter 6: Awakening

That’s why all societies condemn sex. They are afraid of it. It is a back door to the Garden of Eden. All civilizations are afraid of sex. The fear comes, because once you know an uncontrolled existence then you would not like control at all. You can become a rebel, you can throw all the rules and regulations to the winds, you can throw Confucius to the dust. Again you can become an animal; and civilization is afraid of it. So, sex is allowed, because if it is not allowed then too it will create trouble. It is such a deep-rooted instinct in the very biology, in the very physiology of you, in the very deeper chemistry, that if it is not allowed, it will create perversion, you may go mad. So society allows it in mild, homeopathic doses. That is the meaning of marriage - marriage is a mild, homeopathic dose controlled in a certain way. You are allowed a little window out of society, but society still manages the outer control. Marriage is love plus law - that “plus law” is the control around it. If love is allowed without any law, the fear is that man will fall again into an animal world.

And the fear seems to be true; the fear has meaning. Man can fall through love, because man can rise through love. Man can fall through it because the ladder is always the same whether you go up or you go down. Love can rise to such heights that Jesus can say: Love is God. And love can fall to such depths that society is constantly on watch, the police are always around, the magistrate is sitting there.

Love is not a freedom. Why, in love, can man fall so deep? Because in love the control is lost, the chasm is bridged, you become one piece again - but you regress to the animal world. Love can also lead you to the Divine, but then love has to be very, very meditative. Then love has to be “love plus meditation.” That is what Tantra is - “Love plus meditation.” You move into love, you allow your whole being total freedom, but still, deep at the center, you remain a witness. If the witness is lost, you are going downhill; if the witness remains there, then love, the same ladder, can lead you to the very ultimate heaven.

Alcohol.all societies have been against it, but still, they have to allow it, because they know that without alcohol there would be much chaos. Alcohol has to be allowed in mild doses, legal doses; legally it has to be allowed. Why? Because it soothes people; it is a tranquilizer. And people are in such inner anguish, they need something to soothe them. Otherwise they would simply go berserk. They would simply go mad. So no society can afford freedom about alcohol, but no society can prohibit it completely. That is not possible. Either way it will be difficult to manage. Alcohol is a need. It is a need because the tension is so great inside that you would go mad because of it.

And then many types of drugs have cropped up - and it is not for the first time, it has been always so. From the soma of Rigveda to LSD 25, it has always been so. Again and again drugs pop up. Again they have to be pushed down, crushed; and society tries to forget them. But again they come back. There seems to be a deep need. The need is: a bridge is needed between the conscious and unconscious. Unless a man becomes sincerely meditative, drugs will be needed. Unless you go upwards, you will have to fall downwards.

You cannot remain static. This is one of the deeper laws of existence: nobody can remain static. Either he has to go up, or he has to fall down; because life knows no rest, it knows only movement. Either you go forward, or you will be thrown backward, but you cannot say that you will stick to your state - you will not go down and you will not go up.

No, that is not possible. If you are not going up, you are already falling down - you may or you may not know it. Only a meditative society can be free of alcohol and drugs, and other chemical ways to bridge the gap.

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