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Chapter 21: Science Has to Be Religious

The salesman laughed and he said, “Lady, we have been out of stock for three weeks! But because it is an invisible commodity we thought there is no problem. Even I cannot tell any difference between the empty box and the box full of invisible clips.”

God, heaven, hell, angels - all the religions depend on these commodities. And they have immense power; for centuries they have been exploiting people. And from the side of the people it was almost inevitable to be exploited.

Each child is born in a family, and when he is small he thinks his father knows all, naturally. The father is so strong, can do so many things, and he is so small and cannot do anything. A psychology is created in him, a father figure is created in him, and because the society.most of the societies of the world are man-made, man is superior, the woman is inferior.

In China for centuries it has been thought that the woman has no soul. So if a husband kills his wife it is not a crime. It is just as if you want to destroy your chair, it is nobody else’s business. The woman is a thing. Nobody in the whole history of China - which is the biggest nation in the world, one fourth the population of the world - never has a man been even punished for murdering his wife.

So naturally, societies which are ruled by man cannot accept God as a “she.” He cannot be so inferior as to be a woman.

In the biblical story God created man first, which looks not very reasonable because man in himself cannot give birth. It would have been far more reasonable to create the woman first because she is capable of creating. She has the womb, she is going to be the mother. Man is secondary. His function in creation is nothing more than that of a syringe which is used for injections.

Man is a syringe!

Strange, God created the syringe first - but it is a story written by a man - and then he created the woman because man was feeling alone. The woman is just an entertainment to help the man not feel bored, not feel alone. That is her function.

God created man in a different way than he created the woman. He created the woman by taking a rib out of man’s body. This is insulting, humiliating; the woman is nothing but a rib. Man is really the master - ribs cannot be masters.

In all the religions the woman is humiliated in different ways. In Jainism, no woman can attain to enlightenment. All that she can do is - if she is virtuous, disciplined, follows the creed, the ritual - all that she can attain is birth as a man in the next life. More than that she cannot achieve as a woman. Yes, when she becomes a man, then she can attain to enlightenment.

Now poor Mahavira was not aware that soon there was going to be plastic surgery. A woman need not wait for another birth; she can become a man right now. And Jainism believes that Mahavira is omniscient - he knows everything, past, present, future - but he does not know about plastic surgery.

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