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Chapter 10: Obeying the Warrior Within

This becomes an inner conditioning, so whenever you feel an attraction toward another’s wife, the inner voice. This is not the inner voice. This is society’s voice playing within you. The voice comes: “This is wrong, this is a sin!” and you start trembling. This is the social trick: the policeman outside and the policeman within.

I am not saying go and love someone’s wife - I am not saying that. I am simply saying that this is a social mechanism, a social device to make you a slave through yourself. And it is more successful, remember. It is more successful.

Today’s world has become less moral because this “inner voice” is not so strong; society has become incapable of reinforcing it. The outer law is greater, more complex, but the inner law has weakened, for many reasons: when people, societies lived aloof and alone it was easy to create the inner conscience. Now, the whole earth has become a village, with many societies, many inner voices conflicting. Now no one can rely on. Every child knows that whatsoever you say is “good” in India is “bad” in Pakistan.

Whatsoever you say is good for a Hindu is not good for a Jaina. Whatsoever you say, the contradictory is also true somewhere: it is not absolute. Now that we have become aware of the whole complexity of the human conscience, we know that conscience is just a social product. So many societies exist together that the hold has become weak. That’s why human societies are less moralistic now, because the inner policeman is dead, almost dead. You know that what it says means nothing: “Don’t bother about it, just observe the outer law. And try to find a way around it!” This inner policeman and its voice is not your inner voice - that’s what I am saying. Find the witness. Only then will you find out the inner voice.

The inner voice will direct you. Those directions will be absolutely different from what society says - absolutely different. But for the first time you will become religious, not simply moral. You will be moral in a much deeper sense.

Morality will not be a duty, morality will not be something imposed upon you. Morality will not be a burden; it will be spontaneous. You will be good, naturally good. You will not become a thief - not because society says, “Don’t be a thief,” - you will not be a thief because you cannot be. You will not kill because it becomes impossible. You love life so much that now violence becomes impossible. It is not a moral code, it is an inner direction.

You affirm life, you revere life. A deep reverence comes to you, and through that reverence everything follows. That is what Jesus says: “Find the kingdom of God first, and then everything will follow.”

Find the inner voice, and then everything will follow.