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Chapter 11: Listen to the Song of Life

If you transform yourself - if you do not escape from these excuses, if you do not break the mirror by leaving society and running away from it - you will be surprised. The day the anger within you disappears, you will immediately find that it has also vanished from the whole world. It is not that anger has really vanished from the world, because those who are hot-tempered will still be hot-tempered. But for you, this world will have become empty of anger, because now nothing of the world can make you angry. Now, there is no excuse that can provoke your anger because now there simply isn’t any anger left inside you. Now, no mirror can reflect your ugliness because it is just not there.

The search for spirituality begins with this fundamental sutra, that whatsoever we find on the outside is actually hidden within us. If you assume that it is only on the outside, you can never become spiritual.

That is why Karl Marx, Frederick Engels and Lenin did not allow religion. There is a very significant meaning behind their denial, and it is very logical. Karl Marx said that it is the society which is diseased and not the individual. That’s why society has to be changed, only then will the world be a better place. There is no point in changing the individual, because the disease is not in the individual.

This is the fundamental proposition of communism. That is why Karl Marx said that religion is pointless and useless. If his argument is right, religion is pointless. His conclusion is logical. If communism is right, religion becomes meaningless. The basic proposition of communism is that the disease lies without and not within, and the basic proposition of religion is that the disease lies within and not without.

That is why religion and communism are the greatest rivals on this earth. There is a deep clash between these two concepts, and it will continue. If the sickness lies without, then there is no need for the individual to do anything about himself. There remains no need for any meditation, religiousness or spiritual transformation. All these things are pointless. All we have to do is to bring about a change in the outer situation, and once that has happened, the mirror will have changed, and you will appear to be beautiful. There is no need for you to change.

But there is one fundamental flaw in this belief of communism. Who will change all this? Obviously it will be the people: the very people who were born into that society which is ugly, bad and exploitative. And these are the people who are going to create the new society! Since communism does not acknowledge that the individual has any potential - it believes that all potential lies in the society - then how will these same people who are born into the society be able to change it? And here communism finds itself in a difficulty. The very people who are born into this society are supposed to change it. And since an individual has no potential - all the potential is in the society - a society which is recreated by these people can never be a new society. How can something new happen? Those who were born into the old order will re-establish the old system. And this is exactly what has happened.

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