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Chapter 7: Turning the Key

Society gives you beliefs so that you need not experiment, so that you need not be distracted into the inquiry, because the inquiry will take so much of your energy that you will not be able to be a good clerk or a good stationmaster or a good collector or a good policeman. You will be distracted by your inquiry; you will become more interested in the inner and your interest in the outer will start disappearing.

Society wants you to live an extrovert life, society wants you to be efficient in the world, to be more productive in the world - whether the production is good or bad is not the point. If you work in a factory where bombs are created you have to be efficient and productive. If you work in the army you have to be efficient and always obedient. Wherever you are, whether the work is good or bad is not the question: whatsoever the society has decided you have to follow, you have to fall in line.

If you become an inquirer, then there is danger: you will become more and more of an introvert, your priorities will change, your values will be different. You may not care much about money, you may not care much about power, you may not remain ambitious, you may not be possessive anymore, your interest in property may disappear. You will start searching for inner riches, the inner kingdom of God. But then you will become less and less efficient for the society, and the society cannot afford it - although it will be a better world, where more people are introverted and are doing their own thing rather than being pulled and pushed by others to do their things. It will be a better world where people are more meditative. Then politicians will not be able to create as much mischief as they have been creating in the past. Wars will disappear automatically if people are more introverted. Then who will care to fight and who will care to kill and murder?

And violence is being painted in such ways so that it appears beautiful. Murder in the name of “nation,” murder in the name of Islam, murder in the name of Christianity - and then murder becomes beautiful. Murder is murder; whether you murder for Christianity or the Church or the country or the nation doesn’t matter. These are just excuses to murder, excuses to be destructive, excuses to be mad.

After every ten years a great world war breaks out upon the world, because in each ten-year period people gather so much pus in their beings that it has to be poured out. They gather so much poison in their beings that they cannot contain it anymore - a madness, a global madness, explodes.

If people are more introverted, wars will disappear, politics will disappear. If people are more introverted, of course they will not be so efficient, but there is no need - they will be happier. They may not be so continuously occupied, madly occupied in things, but they will be more happy, more joyous, more celebrating. They will create enough of what is needed, they will not be concerned with the unnecessary.

But we have become too concerned with the unnecessary, which is not needed at all - we can afford to be without it. But yet we cannot, because our training has made it in such a way that we have to go on rushing and running. We don’t know any other way to be.

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