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Chapter 17: Movement and Rest

Whenever a child is uneasy, this has to be done: a false breast has to be given. He sucks, believing that he is getting nutrition. He goes on sucking, and then sucking becomes a monotonous process; nothing is moving in, just sucking and it becomes like a mantra. Then he falls into sleep; bored, feeling sleepy, he goes to sleep. Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and all other “isms” which have become established religions, are just false breasts. They give you consolation, they give you a good sleep, they allow a soothing existence in this torturing slavery all around; they give you a feeling that everything is okay, nothing is wrong. They are like tranquilizers, they are drugs.

It is not only LSD that is a drug, Christianity is also, and a far more complex and subtle drug which gives you a sort of blindness. You cannot see what is happening, you cannot feel how you are wasting your life, you cannot see the disease that you have accumulated through many existences. You are sitting on a volcano and they go on saying that everything is okay: God in heaven and the government on the earth, “Everything is okay.” And the priests go on saying to you, “You need not be disturbed, we are there. Simply leave everything in our hands and we will take care of you in this world and also in the other.” And you have left it to them, that’s why you are in misery.

Society cannot give you freedom. It is impossible, because society cannot manage to make everybody absolutely free. Then what to do? How to go beyond society? That’s the question for a religious man. But it seems impossible: wherever you move society is there; you can move from one society to another, but society will be there. You can even go to the Himalayas, then you will create a society there. You will start talking with the trees, because it is so difficult to be alone. You will start making friends with the birds and animals, and sooner or later there will be a family. You will wait every day for the bird who comes in the morning and sings.

Now you don’t understand that you have become dependent, the other has entered. If the bird doesn’t come you will feel a certain anxiety. What has happened to the bird? Why has he not come? Tension enters, and this is not in any way different from when you were worried about your wife or worried about your child. This is not in any way different, it is the same pattern: the other. Even if you move to the Himalayas you create society.

Then something has to be understood: society is not without you, it is something within you. And unless the root causes within you disappear, wherever you go the society will come into existence again and again and again. Even if you go to a hippie community, the society will come in, it will become a social force. If you go to an ashram, society will come in. It is not the society that follows you, it is you. You always create your society around you, you are a creator. Something in you exists as a seed which creates the society. This shows really that unless you are transformed completely you can never go beyond society, you will create your own society. And all societies are the same; the forms may differ, but the basic pattern is the same.

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