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Chapter 9: Your Politicians Are Responsible

This continent is based on violence. It has repressed the Red Indians in such ugly ways. It is difficult to imagine what man can do to man. Red Indians are living almost in concentration camps; of course, they are not called concentration camps, they are called reservations - especially reserved for Red Indians.

Why should Red Indians not be allowed to mix in society? It is their land, they have lived here for thousands of years. Now they are confined to forests and mountains, on reservations, and they are being given pensions. On the surface it looks humanitarian, that if we are ruling over their continent we are paying them, for generations we have been paying them. But to pay them salaries for no work is not humanitarian.

What will they do with that money? They will get drunk, they will take drugs, they will gamble, they will fight, kill each other. What else do they have to do? Money comes without any effort. They will go on creating more and more children because with each child comes more money. To give people money without work is to reduce them into drunkards, gamblers, murderers: you have taken their dignity.

On the surface everything looks so whitewashed, clean; it can be claimed that you are giving them money because you are using their land. But the real purpose is to keep them drunk, fighting, gambling, rowdy, and to keep them in such a state that they never again think of being free, that they never think of getting rid of all the invaders of this continent.

The whole society is interwoven with violence: the black people are downtrodden, there are thousands of people on the streets with no home - what do you expect them to do? They will do every kind of crime, they have nothing to lose. And America goes on pretending to the whole world that wherever there is any trouble, they are going to help. You can’t help your own people; twenty-five percent of Americans who are able to work are unemployed, and America goes to help Ethiopia!

In America, Ethiopia is spread everywhere - just thinly, but it is there - and violence will come out. These people who have lost everything, respect, humanity, integrity, they have been treated like animals - you cannot expect that the country can live without violence.

Basically, America is one of the most destructive powers in the world. The whole government is working with only one object: to win the Third World War. But they are simply fools, because nobody can win the Third World War, neither the Soviet Union nor America. The difference may be at the most ten minutes: whoever attacks first, it will take only ten minutes for the other party to attack back. Nuclear weapons are ready on both sides, so it is not a question of somebody getting defeated and somebody else becoming victorious. It is simply suicidal - both will be destroyed, and with them all life on earth will be destroyed.

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