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Chapter 6: Out of Chaos Stars Are Born

There certainly has been turmoil and some confusion and some chaos in this community, as you would expect given some of the things that these people have had to digest in the last two weeks. Is that what you had in mind?

Chaos is always good. Order is always dead. Out of chaos stars are born; out of order, only Adolf Hitlers.

So I don’t feel any problem with chaos. But when there is everything in order, then it becomes a concentration camp.

Chaos has a beauty. Freedom is just another name of chaos.

Do you think there’s too much chaos, though, that the buses won’t run on time, the crops won’t get harvested?

No. There will not be. My people are intelligent enough to live in chaos and live rejoicingly and do everything that is needed, but not to surrender to any fascist regime.

Some of your sannyasins have told me here they have really been going through some anguish lately. How do you feel about that? Some of them have been going through enough anguish to leave this place.

That’s natural. That’s absolutely natural. To rejoice in chaos one needs guts. Very few people have that much courage. To enjoy freedom, very few people are ready. That’s why a slavery exists in different names around the world.

One thing Hasya was saying today when we were talking to her is that another reason for telling people to wear what you want around your neck and on your back and everything else, is so you can blend into society better.

That’s perfectly right. I would like my people to drop all kinds of separation from the society.

Would you like to see them go out into society more than they have, perhaps?

No, only when they need to go out. But there is no need to create unnecessary divisions. There are enough divisions in the world. Why add one more?

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