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Chapter 7: Choose the New

Who is a rebellious person? The rebellious person is one who does not bother about the society at all - he simply lives through his innermost core - who follows his Tao. If society fits with that inner Tao, good, he goes with the society; he is not reactionary. If the society does not fit with his inner Tao, he goes alone. He is not a traditional, conventional, straight person. His criterion is his inner soul.

“Gentleman” means one who has been persuaded by the society to sell his authentic being and to borrow a false mask from the society.

“Great is death! The gentleman finds rest in it.”

Now what has a gentleman to do with rest and death? A gentleman cannot find rest even in life, a gentleman is very much repressed. A gentleman has not allowed his whole being free play; he has denied a thousand and one things, those are boiling within him - how can he find rest? And if you cannot find rest in life, how are you going to find it in death? Then don’t befool yourself, this is opium: you hope that something will happen in death which has never happened in life, you are under a drug.

The gentleman has never loved as he wanted to love, the gentleman has never been angry, the gentleman has never hated anybody - not that he has not hated, he has not shown it All that the gentleman can do is to change his expressions; the inner being is never changed. Anger arises in him but he does not show it, he represses it. So he goes on and on accumulating a thousand and one things inside him which create the chaos, which are boiling inside. He can burst any moment - a gentleman is a dangerous person to live with. Never live with a gentleman, or with a lady. A woman is beautiful, a lady is ugly. A woman is natural, a lady is fabricated.

One bum arrived at the office of a psychiatrist, very beggarly, hungry, dirty, and the psychiatrist said, “I can see that you will not even have enough to pay the fee, but I feel sorry for you. What do you do for your living?”

And the bum said, “I have made three million fabricated houses.”

And the psychiatrist shouted, “This is a lie!”

And the bum laughed and he said, “Didn’t I say they were all fabricated?”

Fabricated - the gentleman, the lady, are fabricated people, just cultivated, painted, not true, not honest. When they feel anger they smile, when they hate you they embrace you. You can never depend on them, you can never decide when they are really smiling and when they are pretending. In fact, after long practice, even they cannot decide whether they were really laughing or just laughing, whether they really loved this woman or they were just pretending.