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Chapter 2: Drop Becoming! Being Is Enough

And when we say you have to transcend mind it doesn’t mean that we are against mind. We are simply giving you a message: Don’t be finished with the mind. Mind is only the beginning of meditation. Make it a jumping board, use it. A man who has not attained to meditation remains with the seed, thinking that this is all. The seed has to be dropped into the soil so that it disappears. The seed has to be transcended by the tree, then only is it fulfilled. This is very paradoxical: the seed is fulfilled only in its death. Mind is fulfilled only in meditation, and meditation is mind’s death. But that’s its function - it simply clears the way for meditation.

So mind is not the enemy of meditation. You can make it the enemy; that depends on you. If you become very antagonistic to mind, then you are turning a friend into an enemy. Then you are turning a stepping-stone into an obstacle. Remember it always: nothing is unnecessary, everything has its own place in. the ultimate harmony of things. Mind is a must!

When Adam left the Garden of Eden what did he do? He started creating mind. Hence, the symbolic Tree of Knowledge. He had been prohibited from eating of the Tree of Knowledge. Why had he been prohibited? - because that was the only way to seduce him into eating it. It is not that Adam had disobeyed God. In disobeying God, Adam had fulfilled God’s desire. God wanted him to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, hence the denial, hence the commandment: “Don’t eat from it!”

The Garden of Eden was a big garden. The whole existence is the Garden of Eden - millions and millions of trees. If Adam had been left on his own he might not yet have found the Tree of Knowledge. It was almost impossible to find it, it was not probable to find that one tree amongst millions and millions of trees. But God made it clear, saying, “Don’t eat from this tree.” He created the desire in Adam.

It was not the serpent who had seduced Adam, it was God Himself.

Why this seduction? - because mind has to be created. Otherwise Adam would have lived like an animal, happy but unaware. And what is happiness if you are not aware? You may be the king of the whole world and if you are not aware what does it mean? Animals live in a kind of happiness, but unaware, not knowing that they are happy. Without knowing that you are happy, happiness means nothing. It is better to be miserable, but knowing is a must.

Socrates is reported to have said, “Even if I am going to be miserable, I would like to be a Socrates rather than a satisfied pig. An unsatisfied Socrates I would like to be, but not a satisfied pig.” What is he saying? He is saying awareness is more valuable than any happiness, because only in awareness does happiness become bliss. Adam has to disobey. God planned it beautifully, very psychologically - He made certain that Adam would go astray, that he would eat from the Tree of Knowledge and would create mind. Because without mind, Adam would have never known what meditation is. Without going astray, Adam would never have become Jesus and come back home. To come back home one has to go astray. To become a saint one has to go into the dark realms of sin; there is no other way.

If a tree wants to grow high in the sky, it has to grow deep roots into the darker soil.

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